“Teagan Takes Up Tai Chi”

The Adventures of Teagan

Episode 35

By Angela Wallace

“Teagan Takes Up Tai Chi”

Teagan was curled up on the bed in the middle of the afternoon.  The gigantic fleece blanket felt plush and cozy beneath her.  Though Mom had made it for herself, Teagan had quickly claimed priority when using the red and gold cushion.  Speaking of Mom, she was doing something strange…

Teagan lifted her head and perked her ears up.  Mom stood in the middle of the room, feet apart, and was making strange motions in the air with her arms.  Teagan stared.  It was weirding her out a bit.  She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.  Mom stepped closer, extending one arm.  Then she retracted it and turned the other direction, her feet pivoting as her arms scooped and held invisible nothing.

Teagan jumped off the bed.  Was this a new game?  Teagan could play.  She walked up to Mom’s foot and batted it.  Mom tried to verbally shoo her away and continued the complex and deliberately slow arrangement of movement, stepping around Teagan.  Teagan followed and grabbed Mom’s foot.  She plopped onto the carpet next to her as she tried to hold that foot down.  You can’t escape!

Mom let out a string of reprimands and exclamations, as she was only wearing thin socks at the moment.  All the better to hook a secure claw into.  Mom bent down to bop Teagan, so she scampered away.  With a huff, Mom resumed her funky stance and started again.  Knees bent, arms up, sway to the side.  Teagan crept back and jumped up to grab Mom’s leg.  She bounded away again before Mom could tag her back.  Hee, this was fun.  Except Mom was supposed to chase Teagan and she would run and hide.  Instead, Mom stayed fixated in that two-by-two invisible bubble, making sweeping arcs with her foot and moving her hands almost like a mime.

Teagan flicked her tail and turned her back.  How boring.  She didn’t like this new game after all.

~ by Angela Wallace on March 5, 2012.

22 Responses to ““Teagan Takes Up Tai Chi””

  1. I love it! Thanks, Angela, for another cool Teagan story. She really is a Cool Cat!
    It does remind me of a program I caught on Animal Planet a few years ago – a woman teaching people to do “cattercize” (exercises using your cat). I could never envision my cats allowing me to lift them over my head like weights – or, rather, I could, but with not-so-good results.
    Teagan sounds like such a great little companion!

    • LOL. Yeah, I don’t see cat weights going well either. Teagan is the best. I’m thinking of putting her in one of my books as an MC’s cat companion.

  2. I can just see Teagan trying to play tag with your feet. Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. Teagan would make a great cat-companion, Angela! I gave Kat Morales, female lead in my books, two cats – Hatshepsut, an almost-Siamese, and Simon, a gray tabby. Both are modeled after cats I had when I first started writing the series.
    I can’t envision a world without animal companions of some kind …

    • Pets add so much to life, and I think they also add a fun dimension to stories. 🙂 As long as they don’t get killed! I hate that. I’ll cry over a cat or dog dying before I cry over the main character’s best friend getting killed. Lol, I’m such a terrible person.

  4. Not a terrible person at all, Angela! Years back, one of my sisters and I went to see a Mel Gibson movie. We went with a friend who’d already seen the movie.
    There’s a scene early on when Gibson’s character is in a trailer with his girlfriend. Gibson’s character has a dog.
    And … the bad guys blow up the trailer – turn it into a fireball.
    And my sister and I are both on the edge of our seats whispering, “Where’s the dog? What happened to the dog?”
    Our friend leans over and whispers, “The dog survives. He’s okay.”
    And both of us are suddenly like “Okay,” and we sit back in our seats to enjoy the carnage …

  5. WC Fields said something about children and animals… but I rather enjoyed this.

  6. Cats and excercise never seem to mix. Seems they always think they need to help!

  7. I’ve given up trying to do any kind of “floor excercise.” I wind up with a cat either on my stomach or on my back or legs – depending on the nature of the exercise. I have enough problem with my own weight. I don’t need another 16-18 pounds!

    • LOL! I thought cats helped keep us in shape by dancing around them. Our cat seems to love being under foot. 🙂

  8. Dancing … oh, yes. There’s the “cat wrapping around the legs two-step” … the “don’t trip on the cat shuffle” … the “avoid the kitty waltz” …

  9. Laughter is healthy, Susan. We should all do it more often!
    Better than a shot of B vitamins. And … cheaper.

    • Susan and P.L. I’m starting to laugh all over again. Thanks I needed that! You’re right P.L. great medicine. 🙂

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