Where do you get most of your reading material from?

Though I know a lot of people have switched to ereading devices, some still prefer paperbacks/hardbacks.  Not only this, but there are many sources from which you could obtain your reading material, regardless of the medium you prefer.  I am curious to find out where various people go to get their books.  I also understand some of you may use multiple sources.  If that is the case, vote for the main one you use in the below poll and use the comment section to elaborate further.

For me, I primarily use Amazon Kindle, but occasionally use Nook or iBooks since I have apps for all of them on my iPad.  If a particular ebook costs more than I am willing to pay, I may check to see if there is a cheaper used copy and order that instead from Amazon.  I do still like to stop by Barnes and Noble for certain non-fiction material where I would like to physically look at the book before deciding to purchase.  Whenever I am taking college classes, my textbooks come from Amazon, various used book stores in town and the university book store.

Due to this, I can understand why many people might want to select multiple answers.  The idea is to vote in this poll on where the majority (at least fifty percent) of your reading material comes from.  Leave a comment to let us know why you buy from the places you do.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll point out something the rest of us haven’t considered as a good source!  If you choose one of the “other” options, please do elaborate.


~ by Suzie on May 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Where do you get most of your reading material from?”

  1. I’ve been using Amazon’s Kindle for PC app. After accumulating over 500 books, I decided to buy a Kindle. It’ll be here tomorrow, so that will be my primary source. Prior to that, mostly Amazon paperbacks/hardbacks.

  2. I primarily get my books (hard copy and eBooks) from Amazon. I sometimes get them from Nook or Kobo. I don’t have a physical bookstore near me where I can go, so it’s always online. I am currently only getting the free eBooks. I mainly get them from eReader News Today and other free eBook notification sites.

  3. Most of what I read is from B&N just ’cause there are B&N chain stores near where I live. Even though one of my books is an ebook – and another will be coming out in digital in another couple of months – I’m still primarily a hard-copy reader. I’m working on transitioning to ebooks, but I still love the feel, the smell, the touch of a “real” book in my hands …

  4. I buy most of my books from the used bookstore, but I also have a Kindle and love it. I mostly read free books on my Kindle (review copies, public domain, or random specials). I don’t shop as much at B&N anymore because it doesn’t have nearly as good of a sci-fi/fantasy section as the used bookstore.

  5. Since I got my Kindle 18 months ago I buy most of my ebooks from Amazon… some are free, but ONLY if they sound really good and have 4 and 5 star reviews. However, I do not clog up my Kindle with free book offers just for the sake of dowloading them!! I also still read the occasional paperback on recommendation from my OH if he has particularly enjoyed one… as he will only read paperbacks.
    One thing I really do like about my Kindle though, which angers my OH, is that I can buy the Kindle version of a new book from a well known author when it’s only available otherwise as a hardback (currently the case with Linwood Barclay’s latest thriller), and it can be months before it comes out as a paperback! I also buy books occasionally from used bookstores and charity shops. So I guess I can be pretty flexible really.
    However, I’m really addicted to my Kindle, and have two of my own romantic novels on there now (both with 4 and 5* reviews, should you care to take a look?)… I also probably read much more now than I ever did before I got it.

  6. Over here in Pakistan – there is no problem of piracy and such.

    Paper back editions, used, re-used and second hand collections of books are available at our “Sunday Bazaars” – Sunday Markets. They are sold at around a tenth of the original prize and the variety of books is WOW !
    Its seriously a magical place!

  7. I have various sources for my reading. We have a library van that comes to our village every other week and they automatically bring me the reading material they know I like – I don’t even have to order it any more! So I have a huge attachment to that service. I also love e-books. I have the Kindle App and 2 other e-book reading apps on my Tablet and I use all 3 to find books I want to read. I was thrilled to discover one of them went straight to Smashwords as I’m about to put mine up on there as well as Amazon. I also pop into my local charity shop occasionally to see what they’ve got.

  8. I’m a rare book collector and dealer so I get my books, REAL books everywhere I can, lol. Garage sales and ebay mostly. We have kindles in the house, but I don’t use them…yet. I love the idea or digital books, but I do not like what they are going to eventually do to the print book aftermarket. Scary.

  9. My husband has a nook and my daughter a kindle, but they seem to mainly read old fashioned physical books. I don’t have an electronic reader. I have several sources online as well as the library, downloads from indie authors, the neighborhood used book store, the neighborhood B&N, indie book dealers (when traveling because we don’t have any local new indie book stores except metaphysical book stores), book swaps at work, ebay, Costco, sometime the Literary Guild web site, book swaps with family and friends, paperbacks at the grocery store…It doesn’t matter. If there are books I’ll find them.

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