Your turn to test my writing skills in a contest!

Each month I ask people to submit entries to my writing contests.  They must follow the guidelines I stipulate with and try to come up with the winning story.  So why couldn’t something in the reverse happen during a break between the contests?

Tim Greaton passed on taking the $10 Amazon gift card he was eligible to receive as the second place winner for May in favor of me coming up with something else to use it for on the blog.  I decided to give everyone a chance to offer a unique idea I can use to write a flash fiction story to share with you all.

I’ll give everyone until Monday night (June 11th) to submit an idea for me to write about.  The one that appeals to me most will be chosen and that person will receive the $10 Amazon gift card Tim passed on (thanks Tim). Admittedly, this is a subjective contest, but you have nothing to lose by posting whatever idea comes to your mind.  For a little help, I’m looking for something I can write in five hundred words or less as a brief scene.  It should be something I can play with so that some humor can come through.  You can leave it a little vague, if you choose, but give something specific that will give it some focus.  I’m not particular about the genre.  If your idea has merit, I’ll be open to it.

The official announcement for which suggestion is chosen will be announced on Thursday (June 14th) along with the story I will write for it.  The winner will also receive their gift card that day.  Make sure you enter a valid email address when commenting on this post so if I choose you, I can contact you.  The one warning I have is the Amazon gift card is not transferable (I don’t care which country you’re from so long as the Amazon site you use is in a language I can read- like English!).  Also, place your idea here in a comment.  Do not email it to me.

Thanks to everyone who chooses to participate in advance.  I’ll look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with!

~ by Suzie on June 8, 2012.

15 Responses to “Your turn to test my writing skills in a contest!”

  1. Ha ha ha… The boot is suddenly on the other foot… Can’t wait!
    My memory is, at times, fuddled but I seem to remember you mentioning you were in the military? I also seem to remember something about parachuting? How about: ‘Your first jump’…? 🙂

    • I actually did something similar to that on my blog already. About two years ago I made my first attempt at having a lead female character who was military. The story ended up not working well for me, but the opening scene was of her jumping out of a plane. I used my own knowledge and experiences to write it. A little over a year ago I posted that opening chapter on the blog. Here it is if you want to see it (just keep in mind I’ve grown as a writer a lot since this piece was written):

      Since you didn’t know about that excerpt, I will allow you another shot at giving an idea if you would like.

      • Doh! I’ll have to have a proper think… (or, more likely, just wait and see what other ideas come up…). 🙂
        Two years ago…! Well, thank goodness it wasn’t a recent post – that would have been embarrassing! Having only been an acquaintance for about a year, I feel suitably vindicated for my ignorance… And will pop over and have a read when I find a few spare minutes!

  2. The first meeting between a female protagonist’s male cat and a man who (on the surface) wants to become involved with her. 😀

    • mmm, Sounds interesting! Let me get this straight, the man meets the woman’s cat and loses interest in the woman because hes always loved cats?

      My middle daughter has a cat named “Kaiya”, we have a female dog named “Bacon”. After an initially, shall we say …frosty, relationship they are now the best of friends. Anyway, my youngest daughter took Bacon for a walk. On her return she told me, in a shocked voice “Bacon tried to chase a cat!” I looked at her deadpan, and said “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised – the cat probably took one look at Bacon and hissed ‘Hey, aren’t you Kaiya’s bitch?’” My daughter thought it was almost as funny as I did. My wife scowled and accused me of teaching my 13 year old bad language…

      I’m sorry I missed this post, was under the weather, and working.

      • Cute story, though I don’t blame your wife for being upset over the language! No problem on missing out and sorry you were feeling under the weather. Never a good thing! I may do one of these again some time so maybe you can catch that one.

  3. This will be fun to see, Mistress 🙂

    Let’s see, hmmm…

    I like Mary’s suggestion…

    Or, how about a vampire who hungers for motor oil rather than blood? That first “attack” should be a doozy…

    Or maybe a werewolf having a difficult time using a bathroom because of the new “lift your leg” instinct…

    Or an overweight ghost trying desperately to find a way to eat real food again…

    Or a zombie mom picking up a trail of zombie daughter’s body parts only to find her at a zombie rave party…

    Or a paranormal romance writer being stalked by the Chippendale model she hired for the cover 😉

    • For the life of me, I can’t think of anything right now. But I like Tim’s paranormal romance writer being stalked by a Chippendale? As a paranormal romance writer myself, does anybody know of one for hire??? Tee Hee.

    • Tim, hope this lived up to your idea of what to do with the gift card you passed on. I thought it was a good twist compared to how I usually give them out 🙂

  4. How about a river toad (who is just a river toad, no magic has happened), but he dreams of being something bigger (you decide what that is!)

  5. I like the idea about the werewolf! Just the thought made me laugh.
    How about a short short about two people who keep misunderstanding each other for some reason? It could be language, age, or ambient noise keeping their heads apart. “Joe and Sue are getting a divorce!” “What’s that? Josie is getting a horse??”

  6. I like the idea about two people with a communication glitch. My favorite kind are the ones with a subtext unknown to one or both, i.e.: Vampire female to man, “I’ve hungered for you.” Man, “I didn’t realize you felt that way, especially the way I look after two months up north.” Vampire, “You do look a little pale, but it could be worse. Couldn’t we find someplace to be alone?”…

  7. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I have decided which one I’ll do for Thursday, but you’ll have to wait and see which one that is. It will be the official winner, though there is one other idea offered here I’m seriously considering for a future post as it looked like it might be fun to write as well.

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