Review of Sleepy Willow’s Heartless Soul by Dicey Grenor

This is a review for the second book of the series, but there aren’t any major plot spoilers if you want to go ahead and read it.  Otherwise, you can refer to my review of the first book here.

Sleepy Willow is back again for this second novel of the series, and it will take you for a wild ride.  It starts up pretty much where the last book left off.  Her narcolepsy Is still a problem that isn’t going away, but she has plenty of other issues to deal with that take her mind off of it (at least, until she passes out unexpectedly).  She has her quest to free herself from Max — the maistre vampire who turned her.  There is a laundry list of difficult tasks she must perform in order to make that happen and none of them are easy.  It gets trickier when Max shows up at the fetish club where she works to bring her back home.  She has no intention of leaving, especially since she is in love with a human man (or two, since he has multiple personalities) who could never come with her.  As if those problems weren’t enough, more stack up as the novel progresses.

The first thing I must say is no character in this novel is a cardboard cut-out that you’ve seen a thousand times before.  Every one of them stands out as being a bit different than the usual cast seen in paranormal series.  While much of this was established in the first book, Sleepy Willow’s Bonded Soul, it is further expanded in this second one.  The plot has its own unique twists as well.  Willow’s quest to be on her own is one that I suspect will carry throughout the series (or at least the first few books).  This keeps you in suspense as to how she’ll pull it off.  Not to worry, though, a lot of progress is made by the end of this one.  I’m certainly excited to see what happens next.

Along with the issues mentioned above, there are a lot of side plots going on with this storyline as well.  They are interwoven so they do relate, but it is a lot to keep up with.  On a bright note, the pacing is so fast there is hardly a dull moment.  My only problem with this is it took a little while to warm up to the characters because so many are involved and only so much time can be spent on each one (aside from Willow).  I read the first book months ago, so there was a refresher period I had to go through.  About forty percent into the novel, though, I was hooked once again.  New sides of Max were revealed to make me see him differently, and I got to where I liked Vlad (one of the personalities for Willow’s boyfriend).  The other two personalities didn’t get as much face time as I would have liked, but at least Vlad made things interesting.  The plot also thickened with some serious new elements added to make me even more committed to how it will all play out.

One thing I must say is Willow is one fascinating character.  I can’t relate to her much, but she has issues that make you want to root for her overcoming them.  One is her desperate need to cling to her religion.  She is forever worried about breaking the ten commandments, even when there is no way around them, or her actions are justified.  The following two lines were my favorite and show a bit of her thought process:

“You didn’t kill him.  Karma did,” Max said.

I was surrounded by a bunch of enablers.

This novel is a take on vampire mythology like you’ve not seen before.  There is a lot of darkness and sexuality involved, but it’s got its lighthearted moments as well.  If you’re look for a new paranormal series with a lot of grit, the Narcoleptic Vampire Series might be the one for you.  I’ll certainly be picking up the next novel when it releases.

For more information about Dicey and her books, you can check out her blog here.


~ by Suzie on August 11, 2012.

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  1. Wow. That was one heck of a review! Thank you for reading and saying such nice things about my second novel in this series. You ROCK!

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