Five Little Words…part II

As promised, I’m posting the next contest for creating a short story based on a five word prompt.  It’s an easy one with few rules compared to the monthly competitions I usually do.  If you missed the last one, you can see it here.  Sarah Fredricks won that one and chose to have an excerpt of her novel posted as her prize.  Check it out if you haven’t gotten a chance.  Anyone can join in this time around, so feel free to give it a try.

Here are the rules:

1) Write a story or poem of any length so long as it contains the following words:


2) Must have a title at the top and your name (whatever you want to be called).

3) You can make the required words plural or change their tense as needed.  If the term has multiple meanings, pick whichever one you want to use so long as it is in the dictionary.  You can even combine it with other words.

4) You have until Tuesday*, August 28th at 8pm (EDT) to place your entry here on this post as a comment.  That would be 1am on Wednesday for the Brits and 10am on Wednesday for the Aussies.

5) I will pick the winning entry on Wednesday and announce it on a separate post.  That person will have the choice of one of the following prizes:

  • Getting their own blog post where they can either put up an excerpt of their book (with link to online booksellers), talk about a random topic (must be approved first), or put up a short story they wrote and want to share.
  • Get their book cover posted on this blog for a period of seven days (like you see Angela Wallace’s up now).
  • A 2000 word critique for their WIP.  This will be done privately through exchanged emails.
  • An interview that will be posted within one week where I will ask questions about you as an author, artist, or whatever it is you do and want to talk about so much that you would choose this option.
  • A review you wrote for a book/product posted as its own blog entry (within one week).

If anyone has another idea for prizes, I am open to suggestions.  That is everything you need to know.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.  I’ll sort  them out from the entries.

*Contest end date changed to Tuesday, instead of Sunday.

~ by Suzie on August 24, 2012.

7 Responses to “Five Little Words…part II”

  1. I’ve been a lurker, but not a commenter yet, what about a critique of synopsis? Like to help point out plot holes/trouble spots?

    • Hey, Mel! I can do a critique of a synopsis as a prize. Are you talking about the kind you submit to agents/editors? If so, I’m quite familiar with them and done a few myself. Definitely something I’d be willing to do.

  2. […] Note- I have extended the deadline for the Five Little Words contest until Tuesday evening.  If you’re interested in one of the prizes and want to participate, click here. […]

  3. The Last Frontier by Sheenah Freitas

    I’ve often dreamed of being a bird and flying away from this caged imprisonment of a life. It’s the sole reason why the caged bird sang anyway. Who wouldn’t want freedom?

    Most people would roll their eyes if they ever heard me utter those words. Why am I, a man who has experienced things no one else has and been given so much, complaining? But I never asked for my celebrity status. No one who serves their country ever dreams of returning home a legend. How was I supposed to know that the words I uttered that faithful day would immortalize me and be repeated for years to come?

    It seems like it was only yesterday when the rocket ripped through the air, sending me and my crew to a place where no one has ever been. We knew this was a moment that the entire nation — no, the entire world — would be watching. I can only imagine the faces of my fellow countrymen glued to their tiny televisions. Well, we thought it was a grand size at the time! If I were in their shoes, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d be just as fascinated with the event. It was a moment to prove that we, as a nation, had done it and beat the Soviets into space. The only man who had even perceived of this moment happening at the beginning of the decade had died six years ago. And here I was with my crew making his prophesy come to life.

    A heaviness presses against my chest as I recall the moment. The moment is here. The moment when I’ll finally be able to fly on my own. Everyone knows that this moment will happen to them. And though my celebrity status always made me want to crawl under a rock, I’m glad that it happened. I can say that I’ve helped people through charities and inspired so many young people. And how many people can say that? Maybe being in the spotlight wasn’t so bad after all… Maybe…

    There’s a light flickering before me. Whoever is on the other end of it is getting impatient.

    I take a deep breath and look back. There’s a lot of people who will miss me. I hope they take care of my farm. There’s a lot to do, you know. I glance back at the light. I know it’s time. I take another deep breath and take a step forward.

    It’s one small step for a man…

    • Nice way to get in all the words and tell the story, Sheenah. Can’t imagine who you based it off of! Send me an email (address is on the contact page) and let me know which prize you want.

  4. […] – A short story by Sheenah Freitas As the prize winner for the last Five Little Words contest, Sheenah has opted to provide us with one of the short stories included in her book […]

  5. […] fewer rules compared to the monthly competitions.  If you missed the last contest, you can see it here.  Sheenah Freitas won that one and chose to have an excerpt from her short story collection […]

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