It’s the end of the world…again.

For all the sci-fi/fantasy lovers out there, I’m sure you’ve seen novels/films within the genre dealing with the apocalypse or some type of futuristic dystopia.  It’s somewhat of a hot topic right now, especially since Hunger Games brought attention to it for even those who don’t normally follow the genre.

Now there is a new TV show coming out Monday, September 17th (10/9c) on NBC.  I must admit, it looks rather interesting.  The idea of all electricity across the planet suddenly vanishing, causing everything that uses it to stop working.  The repercussions from such an occurrence are staggering — not to mention how it would affect life in the future since the show moves forward to fifteen years later when it still hasn’t come back.

For those interested and haven’t heard about it yet, this is the extended preview:

I’m curious how many plan to tune in and watch.  I’m also wondering how many people have either been following storylines of this type for a while or have begun to do so with all the new work out there.  Whether it’s books, tv shows, or movies.  Do you think this is a temporary fad or one that will stay strong for a long time to come?

Sci-fi stories have been around for a while.  I could name off dozens of titles off the top of my head released through various types of media, but what we’re seeing now appears to be targeted to a wider audience than many works in the past.  A noticeable increase in young lead characters is one element that didn’t play as much of a part before unless it was targeted specifically to children, rather than adults.  Now a lot of work could appeal to anyone between twelve and a hundred.  It may be new twists on old ideas, but I’m certainly glad to see this latest surge and hope there is more to come.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think!

~ by Suzie on August 29, 2012.

13 Responses to “It’s the end of the world…again.”

  1. The are filming that where I live and it’s supposed to be a great show! I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, but I loved that show Roswell from a few years ago.

    • That’s cool that they are filming it near you. They never film anything where I live. Let us hope it turns out good. I may do a part two post after it begins airing to see what people think.

  2. I was sort of looking forward to this. TEOTWAWKI is a favorite genre, but finding anything good to read or watch is tough. Most of the books are being churned out by religious zealots or people who sound like they’e gotten brain mold from too much time in that bunker in Idaho. Have you seen that show “Preppers?”
    Not just lunatic fringe, but fat, ugly and socially inept lunatic fringe! And the movies are worse. This seems ok, but I have little pay with swordplay. I prefer plot, so maybe this isn’t gonna work for me. Seems like a lot of clanging swords and generic plotting from the what I’ve seen and heard so far. “Postman” meets “Game of Thrones” doesn’t work for me. I know lots of people love fantasy, but I’m not one of them. I want my End of the World pure and unsullied by other genres. Okay, maybe zombies, but that’s it. And no damn werewolves or vampires. As soon as somebody flies through the air, I’m out of there. That’s why I like zombies. They plod. Plodding good. Leaping/flying bad.

    • NyiNya, forgot to comment back on your review, but I’m definitely in on helping you take that guy’s teeth so we can have some fancy necklaces. Who needs fancy diamonds anyways? Though it would be nice if he had some gold in there.

      About the show. It could be hit or miss, but I think it’s worth checking out. I’m feeling rather confident there are no vampires, werewolves, or unusual methods of flying involved. In fact, it didn’t look like flying is an option. As for the swords, it probably has something to do with the fact bullets these days are manufactured with machines that use electricity. People probably burned through most of the ones that existed within the first few years of the blackout. You’d be amazed how fast you can go through them when someone is trying to kill you. What few are left at the point that the show starts are probably hoarded away and saved for only the worst case scenarios (whatever they deem those to be). Old style guns where you packed in the powder and made bullets yourself would be fairly impractical, especially to people who still remember not having to need them. That pretty much leaves you stuck with crossbows, swords and knives if you want to be realistic to the situation. Of course, this is just my take on it.

      Never heard of Preppers, but your account of it makes me think that’s a good thing, lol.

  3. Ok, Billy Burke wielding a sword is just freakin’ awesome, LOL. I might tune in just for that. It looks cool, but I don’t know. I have a hard time following shows like that because they always come with conspiracy story lines, which are not my favorite. They just get dragged out forever. My other thought is this looks a bit like Terra Nova, production and concept wise, and it got cancelled cus it was too expensive. There have been lots of TV attempts for this genre, but not many seem to survive the chopping block, regardless of how many fans it accumulates.

    • Lol, Angela. He did look good with a sword.

      I hate when they cancel shows like this as well due to running costs or whatever reasoning they find. Flashforward is another example of that happening. I was really into that one when ABC Family canceled it. Made me feel cheated.

      There are times where the conspiracy theories can’t be helped. The electricity going out across the whole world would have to be done on purpose because I can’t think of one scientific reason it could happen. It would be nice to have a show that didn’t depend on a conspiracy, though. You have a point there.

      • I agree about FlashForward. It was deadly wonderful but I was so mad when it got cancelled in favor of that horrible (I want to say sh**y, but can’t) show V, which didn’t even last long after FF left.

        • Rocket Dog, I never did watch that show “V” but I certainly share your anger in how they canceled FlashForward. I’m still annoyed about that. Guess we’ll have to see how Revolution goes.

  4. I’ll only watch it because it looks like a generic copy of Falling Skies.

  5. I’m willing to give it a try. It has an interesting premise. Actually, gunpowder was known to the ancient Chinese, so I don’t see why, given that it’s 15 years have passed since the End of the World As We Know It, some form of gun hasn’t been invented. Just MHO, of course …

    • That’s a point, PL. I knew gun powder had been around for a long time. It was more of the idea of being able to manufacture guns and bullets without electricity that I was considering. The art of blacksmithing is almost lost at this point, but it doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a few out there who couldn’t do it or learn it with a lot of practice. The only time I’ve spent studying the making of bullets themselves was a post Patricia Briggs did on her blog awhile back on silver bullets. Apparently those are almost impossible to make in pure form. Novels that use them are actually very innacurate unless the bullets are only coated in silver. It was a very interesting post. Of course, they had to test those homemade bullets the old fashioned way using an expert on the craft, so that proves there are people out there who can do it even now. The next trick would be gaining all the supplies you need since mining would be at a standstill. Ugh, the speculations could go on forever, lol.

      Anyway, thanks for adding your thoughts!

      • Mining might be at a standstill, but raiding the empty towns silverware drawer, junkyard, and foldy chairs might not be. With strong enough tools and a big enough furnace all those abandoned cars, trains, and train tracks could be torn apart and melted down.

        I actually wrote a YA story in this genre last year… I might go back and try editing it and getting it out there. It was this exact type of event, but only located in one city.

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