Blog Updates for October Including Info on Critiques

Getting back into the swing of things I wanted to put out a few updates for everyone.  Hopefully this will cover any questions people may have.

*The first thing I wanted to let you all know is I am up for doing more Sunday critiques.  This is open to anyone, including those who haven’t visited the blog before.  The idea is to get writers together to help in improving each other’s craft.  The first four were helpful to those who submitted their work and I enjoyed doing them.  Those who participated before are welcome to do so again.  If you would like more information and other basic requirements, please see the critiques page here.

*There is a Halloween writing contest up for those who may have missed yesterday’s post.  First prize gets a $20 Amazon gift card and second receives a $10 Amazon gift card.  Take a chance and submit a story.  They can be a lot of fun.  Click here for more details.

*I’ve tried a few different ideas for authors to get more publicity for their books on this blog.  The turnout hasn’t been as good as I hoped, but I have a new idea I want to run by everyone.  In this one, I would give writers a scenario where they must put one of the main characters from their books through a particular problem.  I’ll provide the basic details of what must happen similar to the writing contest (there will be plenty of room to improvise so don’t worry about it being too rigid), but in this case you will post the story on your own blog.  Then give a link back on my blog.  Should you not have a blog/website, then you will be allowed to post it in the comments section of mine.

After a set amount of time, most likely a few weeks, I’ll compile a list of all authors who participated.  In a separate blog post I’ll give excerpts of the first 250 words for each one followed by a link to their story.  You should also ensure there is a reference to which novel/series the main character comes from so anyone who is interested after reading the short story can find your work.  If you haven’t published yet, that’s okay.  At least it can help bring hype for your upcoming novel.  The basic idea is to put one of your favorite characters (or two if you’re a romance writer) through a scenario that will highlight their personality and challenge them in a new way.

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know.  I think it could be a lot of fun but only if people are up for it.

*I’m looking to do another new book release post.  This time I would rather have the information for all novels that have been released in August/September/October before posting them.  If you could email me your basic book details (see below), I’ll compile them together on one page for a regular blog post.  This way they will be there right away when subscribers get the email.  Please provide the following information:

– Title of Book

-Author Name


-Word Count

-Summary (250 words or less)

-Link to retailers (limit three)

-Book Cover in JPEG format (let me know which link you want set with the cover)


If anyone has any other suggestions, comments, or questions.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

~ by Suzie on October 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Blog Updates for October Including Info on Critiques”

  1. Thanks for the updates. I like your idea for promoting books past, present, and future. I may be willing to participate with our currently published book…I think it would be could for David and I to stretch our literary muscles a bit outside the confines of our books 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting new idea! I don’t know if I have time to write a short anytime soon, but it sounds fun.

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