When dreams come true…

This is just a little story idea I had pop in my head.  I will warn readers ahead of time that it is sexually explicit.  If that’s not your thing, feel free to back away now.  This opening excerpt is only about nine hundred words.  It won’t take long to read and you never know, you might enjoy it 🙂

Dream Warrior

Cold metal encased her wrists above her head.  The stone wall chilled her naked skin.  She didn’t know how she’d gotten here, but her heart beat harder with every minute passing by without an answer.  Chains did not imply good intentions.  Sarya took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.  The air came through dank and musty and she thought she heard water dripping nearby.  It echoed against the surrounding walls in the same way it might in a cave.

Was she in a cave?  She’d gone to sleep in her bed, but at some point during the night she’d been moved.  Moved without the benefit of her clothes.  Sarya tried the cuffs binding her wrists for the dozenth time, but they didn’t budge.  Someone had fitted them well enough that even with her small bone structure she couldn’t escape them.

Heavy footsteps jerked her attention to the right in the opposite direction of the water sounds.  The cloth binding her eyes prevented her from seeing who came.  She swallowed what saliva remained in her mouth.  Perhaps if she pushed hard enough into the rock at her back it would encase her so she could hide.  The ability to turn invisible would have been an even better trick right about now.

The footsteps stopped a few feet away from her and the faint scent of masculine cologne assailed her.  Somehow, it was familiar.  Musky and dark.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

Two clicks of his boot heals closed the distance.  A light touch from his hand ran up her thigh.  She tried to jerk away, but the chains only allowed her to move a few inches.

“You know who I am.”

She shook her head.  “No, I don’t.”

“Lie to yourself, but don’t lie to me.”  Rough fingers traced a path along her stomach and around her bellybutton.  A shudder ran through her and she couldn’t say it was due to revulsion.  She knew this touch.  It crossed the exact same places and in the same ways, but it couldn’t be the same man.  That was impossible.


His hands gripped her hips and swung her around.  She found her cheek pressed against the wall and his warm body flush against hers.  Only the thin cloth of his shirt and pants separated them.

“You made this happen,” he said close to her ear.  “Always in control and wanting more, but not this time.”

“You’re just a dream I made up,” she stammered.  The feel of his body so close, so real, was far more than she had ever experienced on any other night.  “This isn’t like the other times.”

“No, it’s better.  Now you’re in my world, under my control…at least for a little while.”  His hands reached around and cupped her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze.  When he rolled her nipples between his fingers, she couldn’t prevent a moan from escaping.  The dreams she had conjured while alone in bed paled in comparison to what she felt now.  Same man, same fiery touch, but ten times more powerful.

“Let me go.”

His only answer came in the warm breath he released across her neck.  Wisps of her hair flew across her face as the scent of mint hit her.

He’d always obeyed her in the past and had often been the one in chains, tortured by her touch.  Sarya would caress and lick and kiss every part of his hard, muscular body until he strained against his bonds trying to get free.  His cock would jut out, swollen with desperate need and she’d tease it with her fingers and tongue even as he cursed her.

She’d reveled in the power of holding her warrior against his will.  A woman in control.  Only on rare occasions did she allow him to be unbound, but even in those she ordered him to please her in whatever way she desired and he always did as she demanded.  Her dream, her rules.  Never did she let him gain satisfaction until hours had passed.

Now one of his hands roved down and pressed between her thighs, parting her sensitive lips.  Moisture already released made the juncture slick.  He rubbed his forefinger in gentle motions over her clit and she arched her back.  But it wasn’t enough.  It was never enough with him, though she could hope this time might satisfy her never-ending craving for him.  Her dream warrior.

As if sensing her need, he increased the motion of his fingers until the hot friction became almost unbearable.  Her breath came out in ragged pants and she couldn’t hold back her cries of pleasure.  So close.  Just a little more and she knew she’d reach the highest pinnacle a woman could ever feel.  When the spark hit, she tensed in preparation, ready to burst into flame.  His hand left her at that same moment, cutting off the conflagration before it even began.

“No,” she moaned.  “Don’t stop.”

“This is only the beginning, dream girl,” his rough voice came out next to her ear.  “We have all night and I have no intention of giving you what you want until the break of dawn.”

-by Susan A. (AKA- Mistress of the Dark Path)



~ by Suzie on October 20, 2012.

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