Frankenstorm Folks

Hope everyone living on the east coast of the U.S. (especially the northeast) is preparing for hurricane Sandy.  Sounds like it may very well make the history books as the worst in recorded history for the region.  Sometimes it seems like the weather announcers exaggerate the dangers, but it isn’t worth taking the chance.  If you’re in the target areas, please take care and do what you can to be prepared for the worst.

For those of you who might have been out of the loop on this, check this article here or just do an internet search.  They are saying the storm could be worse than the 1991 Perfect Storm that hit New England a couple of decades ago and consequently a movie was made about it.  It’s a collision of a hurricane, cold front, blast of arctic air from the north, and a full moon (which makes the tides higher).  Hence the name, Frankenstorm, which stretches over 800 miles across the east coast of America.

I saw the Carolinas are already getting hit with storm surges that make the weather reporters dash up and down the beach to avoid them (the naughty part of me gets a kick out of watching that).

Reports say New York has closed schools for Monday, the floor of the stock exchange won’t be open, and the city is requesting people to evacuate.  Subways have already closed as of this evening and will probably be flooded tomorrow.  Not sure how bad the ramifications from that will be on NY transportation system after all this passes.

West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland are supposed to get a good amount of snow dumped on them.  Widespread power outages are expected throughout the region, which isn’t good for those who will be getting the cold weather that is coming with the cold front to the west.  Approximately sixty million people will be effected one way or another both inland and coastal.

Please take care and if you’re in the path of Frankenstorm, please check in and let us know how you’re doing.  It certainly doesn’t look good, but I promise to keep an eye on it from the safety of my home in the mid-west.  Not that it does any of you any good.


~ by Suzie on October 28, 2012.

9 Responses to “Frankenstorm Folks”

  1. We’ve got beer in the fridge and peanut butter in the cabinet. I’ve been prodding hubby to go get gas for the generator for the last few hours, but he is convinced that even if it’s bad his brother can bring some over in the John Deere. Men.
    Hope it blows over quickly and everyone is safe!

  2. We’re hoping that it won’t be as bad as predicted, while preparing for the worst. Although my husband isn’t as, um, insouciant as Debra’s, I am the one buying candles, batteries, and bottled water. Men, indeed!

    I hope everyone stays safe and dry!

    • Good for you, Elizabeth. At least you have some preparations under way. No idea why men can be so lazy about these things. Let us hope at least one man reports in that he is doing something. There must be one out there!

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