Angela Wallace’s New Release “Earth Tones”

I don’t normally give a big shout out to any one author when they release a new book, but Angela Wallace has been a super participant on this blog.  For about six months last year she released her Adventures of Teagan short stories here for readers’ enjoyment.  When she asked if I’d help out on her blog tour, I couldn’t resist.  Earth Tones is the third book in her Elemental Magic series, but could easily stand alone since it begins with a different main character than the previous two.  I’ve enjoyed all the books she’s written so far and believe this is another good one.  Not to mention that cover looks great!

For those who may be curious, I would say fans of sweet romance (without too much of the hot and heavy stuff) would find this book the most appealing, especially if you like paranormal elements.  You can read a summary of the novel below:

Nita Young doesn’t know if she has a future with college sweetheart Keenan Donovan—two star-crossed lovers of opposing elements—but she invites him up to Alaska to see if Earth and Water can rekindle their old flame.

When a series of wild animal attacks strike the inhabitants of Yakutat, Nita has to put her romantic plans on hold. Mangled bodies are turning up, and a mysterious black panther has been spotted in the woods. Fur, scales, and a venomous bite suggest the cat is supernatural in origin—and evidence indicates that someone not only summoned it, but is using it to target those Nita cares about. It’s the perfect murder weapon: no fingerprints, no evidence. And in a town this small, the killer is someone she knows.

Nita’s strength will be put to the test as she faces losing her friends, her town, and the man she loves.

If this grabbed your attention, I also have an excerpt from the novel Angela provided:

I moved to kneel behind Keenan and placed my hands on his shoulders.  For all of his calm and assuredness, his muscles seemed extra tight.  I worked at the kinks, kneading my fingers into his tension, massaging it out.  I felt his body relax against me.  Birds and other wildlife sang of their daily work, creating a music I knew both Keenan and I could appreciate.

I hadn’t realized my hands had stilled until Keenan reached up to take them.  He twisted around, leaned into me, and covered my mouth with his.  One hand slid under my back, pressing me closer to him.  I linked my arms behind his neck and let him brace me as I deepened the kisses, exploring him with a fervent need to reacquaint myself with every detail.  My body didn’t need much encouraging.  It responded naturally, as though it hadn’t been years since we last lay on the ground under the open sky together.  Time bled away, and I felt like we were in college again.

Puck’s barking broke through the haze of our passion.  I tried to ignore it, but when Lakota joined in with whining, I stopped to take a breath and listen.  The sounds of the forest leaked back in.  The dogs were upset.  Keenan met my eyes, and with mutual understanding, we both separated and sat up.

“Puck!” I called.  The dogs responded with more barking, but didn’t come to my summons.  I couldn’t tell what the problem was from the brief visual flashes they sent me of bushes and green leaves.  I jumped to my feet and followed their sounds, Keenan right behind me.

We found them circling a mass of brush.  Puck had blood on his nose.  I sensed out for any wild animals, but none had been attracted by the scent yet.  Keenan moved around to see what lay in the bush.  His hand shot up to cover his mouth.

I didn’t wait for him to tell me; I hurried over and looked.  My gorge rose and I turned away.  It was a human body, horribly mauled and mangled.  Upon first glance, I couldn’t even recognize whether it was male or female.

“Puck!  Lakota!”  I put the power of my elemental command behind the words, and the dogs snapped to attention.  They bounded back and stood stark still, unable to disobey.  I didn’t often use my supernatural authority on them, but didn’t want to wrestle with them as I discovered the person’s identity.  As I discovered if someone I knew was now dead.

Keenan put a gentle hand on my shoulder.  I swallowed my revulsion and carefully peeled away some of the brush.  Body size and build suggested male.  Half of his face was gone, and his long black hair didn’t make him stand out as anyone in particular.

I was about to give up and call the local police and Dr. Hansen when a tattoo still visible on his exposed shoulder stopped me.  Keenan grabbed my arm and braced me as I leaned closer to examine it.  My stomach dropped and I spun away before I threw up on the body.  I knew who this was.

For further information check out Angela’s blog here:

She also has a fun interview about her books and writing here:

~ by Suzie on November 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “Angela Wallace’s New Release “Earth Tones””

  1. I’m so happy for Angela. Thanks for sharing Susan. I tweeted this link out via Hoot Suite so others can learn more about Angela and her new book.

  2. Good luck with the new book, Angela! 🙂

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