Blog updates on book reviews, advertisements, etc

I wanted to let everyone know I have done some updating on my blog.  Particularly for the pages.  Since the start of this site, there has been a book advertisements page where authors could list their work.  I would then transfer their book info to the appropriate genre page where it fit.  This took a lot of time on my part to keep up with and later down the line there was some trouble with getting Amazon links to convert for the book covers.  Though there were occasional visitors to these genre pages, the hits weren’t great enough to justify the time spent on them.

I have now taken them down, though they are all saved in the archives.  The Author Listings page remains where author names and websites can be found.  I like having it up for my own reference as well as keeping track of all the authors who have visited this blog over time.  There are quite a lot.  Most of you should be on there, but if not you can leave a comment on the page and I’ll add you.

You’ll also find the Book Trailers page remains.  I think this has been a fun page that doesn’t take much time to maintain, but lets me see the latest videos authors design to advertise their books.  There are a few people subscribed to that page as well so they often jump in to comment.  I may someday find a better way to organize it, but for now I’ll leave it as is and authors can continue to post their trailers there.  If anyone has any suggestions for something that would make the page more attractive to visitors, I’ll be happy to hear it.

Now, for the biggest and most important changes…

BOOK COVERS:  I’ve tried several ideas through blog posts to give authors a chance to have their book cover put up on the front page of this blog.  A few have responded, but it hasn’t been a big turn out.  To make things easier for me, I have set up some standards for how you can go about getting your cover on the blog for at least one week with a link to Amazon. It is advantageous to have it up because I do see clicks on whichever cover is presently up on a regular basis.  There is nothing extra you have to do other than contact me (it’s totally free), but there are some requirements.  For more details on what those are, see the Book Cover Advertisements page.

BOOK REVIEWS:  I’ve changed some of the guidelines on what I will review.  Some things have been opened up, such as the requirement on how many reviews are already on the book.  Some things are tighter, such as I only accept adult novels.  I attempted to be more specific about the different types of genres I will consider so authors could be more confident on whether theirs fit or not.  Unfortunately, I did have to remove some old requests for things I knew I would never read due to genre or premise.  Many are still up, though, and I hope to get to them soon.  If you are interested in having your novel reviewed, please visit the Book Reviews page (renamed from To The Authors) to see if your work falls under my guidelines.  Do keep in mind there is a long list and I tend to not go in order, but rather mood (as is my female prerogative).


For those of you who somehow missed yesterday’s post, the writing contest is open.  The top prize for this one is a $25 Amazon gift card.  There are also prizes for second and third place.  If you win, you would receive the card a few days before Christmas.  I was less specific this time around in the story requirements to allow for more creativity, but it is a holiday theme.  The word count requirements are also much easier to follow (no minimum and max is 2500).  You have a month to get yours in, but try not to procrastinate too much or you may forget and be too late.

~ by Suzie on November 16, 2012.

One Response to “Blog updates on book reviews, advertisements, etc”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this opportunity. Just thought I’d let you know my latest novel JOANNA is now available to download as an eBook on Amazon Kindle UK and US. It’s also available via Amazon De, Amazon Fr, Amazon Es and Amazon It, for those living abroad.
    UK and US Links below:


    Singapore 1969: Following a tragic miscarriage, Joanna finds her seemingly idyllic life with husband, Oliver, is slowly becoming a cruel illusion.

    Back home in Hampshire, England and pregnant once more, she soon discovers Oliver is betraying her again with her old school-friend. With her world crumbling around her, a distraught Joanna sends him packing.

    Recently widowed and also grieving the loss of his small son, loyal friend David, offers her an attractive business opportunity. With her mother’s help, Joanna successfully juggles single parenthood with a busy interior design career. She appears to “have it all”. Nonetheless, there’s something missing – the physical love of a good man. She eventually realises David is the one she wants, but are their feelings reciprocal?
    Can two loyal friends become hot lovers, to finally bring passion back into both their lacklustre lives?
    When 18 years later, heartbreaking tragedy strikes again, can Joanna possibly survive without love in her life any more? Can anyone ever fill that void again?

    JOANNA is actually a spin off from A FACE TO DIE FOR, and so if you enjoyed that book, hopefully you will like this one too. However, both novels stand alone and can be read in any order.
    I’ll be officially launching the book on various social websites in the next day or so. Please do take a look at it, and better still why not download it to read yourself!

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