If you could live anywhere in the world…hypothetical question of the day

Time for another hypothetical question of the day.  This is part of a series of posts I’m doing periodically. The idea is to spark creativity and get you thinking.  Once again, this question was contributed by one of the blog regulars.  If you have a question you’d like to see asked, feel free to contact me and it may become the next one in the series.  So here goes:

If you could live anywhere in the world–but could only live there and never leave, where would you pick and why?


My answer, should you want to hear it:

I admit this is a tough question because you’re talking about the rest of your life.  That could be a really long time, especially if you’re like me and enjoy traveling.  Part of me wants to pick Ocracoke Island (southern part of the Outer Banks) because I loved visiting that island back when I lived in North Carolina.  The drawback is it gets hit hard every time there is a hurricane and the only way off is by ferry (or small plane).  On the plus side, the water is warm during the summer and beaches are all around.  I loved the food and all the local shops.  The whole community was great and you could pretty much walk everywhere inside the town.  Still, that hurricane issue is a big one.

I’ve also been a big fan of Fairbanks, Alaska recently due to all the research I had to do while writing my last book.  It’s really cold up there except maybe June/July and I admit those -60 degree temps that come at the height of winter would totally suck since I can get cold at the positive side of sixty degrees.  Yet I love how much more remote the place is compared to others.  It hasn’t been affected by human encroachment as much as the continental US.  Not to mention you get the benefits of a town with its amenities and the surrounding area with plenty of outdoor activities like camping, fishing, skiing, hiking, etc.  So maybe, it would be Fairbanks that I’d choose.

Sure, there are a million other places around the world to go, but without further research into their positives and negatives I wouldn’t feel comfortable picking anywhere else.  The only countries I’ve spent more than a few days/couple weeks in is Syria and Iraq.  No way do I want to live in them on a permanent basis.  I wish I’d gotten a chance to go up into Scotland while visiting the UK, but the furthest north I got was York.  If I could have gone up there, I might have liked it so much that it would have been my first pick.  It sure does look pretty up there based on all the pictures I’ve seen and the history is so rich.  Maybe someday.  Good thing this is all hypothetical!

~ by Suzie on November 17, 2012.

9 Responses to “If you could live anywhere in the world…hypothetical question of the day”

  1. Thats easy. New York City. Right in the heart of Manhattan. Preferably in a brownstone or a loft somewhere on the upper east side or on the west side below 34th St. I’m a New York girl, born and raised. I have lived in FL for the past 20 years, but my heart belongs to NYC. I love the energy, the vitality, the sheer exuberance of the place. I love that in Manhattan you can walk out your front door and melt into the mainstream. That you can enjoy any kind of food, cultural activity or shopping experience. I love the mix of cultures, the parks, the street fairs, the hustle and bustle, the old buildings with their gargoyles and the centuries-old churches standing side by side with new steel and glass high-rises. I love that within the teeming metropolis you can find peace and serenity in Central Park or any of the smaller parks scattered throughout the city.I maintain an apartment there and get back once a year for my NYC fix because I can’t imagnie my life without it.

    • New York certainly has its bonuses. That storm doesn’t seem to have scared anyone off. I’m always amazed at the resiliance of New Yorkers 🙂

  2. Brisbane Australia. I don’t have a creative reason for this. I have four good friends that live there and it’s beautiful. Thankfully, Skype is able to bring the five of us together but it’s not the same.

    • Hey Charity. Australia sounds like a good choice. My in-laws live there now. We plan to go visit them sometime in the near future and I look forward to seeing the country. They seem to love it since moving there so it might end up being a top pick for me as well.

  3. It may seem strange to say this but I’m mostly happy where I live now. It’s a small town where you can walk to the schools, Post Office, the bank, Dollar General or even out to eat. Mickey D’s, Pizza Hut, Sonic are about 8 miles away. The down side is that Walmart, Office Depot, et al are about 30 miles away. That simply means you have to plan your trips accordingly. I never thought I like living in a small town. Contrary to popular believe not everybody knows your business. Now if I were born here, I might be related to half the town but that’s a whole other story. 🙂

    Now as for weather, it’s Texas subject to change at any moment. Far enough away from the Hurricanes that all we get is the residual rain. Now Thunderstorms well those I don’t care for but no place on Earth is perfect all the time.

  4. That’s a tough one. Probably New York City. You have everything there and if you can’t find what you love, it doesn’t exist. I could drive up to the Canadian Maritimes, or down to South Carolina, for wonderful road trips. I could spend summers on the far North shore of Long Island, and winters in Puerto Rico. Europe would be a quick trip and so would the West Coast. When I tired of the big city, I could fly to Ireland and spend a few weeks in a thatched cottage on some rocky shore. Or go to Norway and fish for a few weeks. Or Paris for the shopping and the beaujolais ever fall. Of course to live in New York requires enormous amounts of money. I’ve figured out the “where” — I need to work on the “how.” If you and your readers would like to start a fund for me, I would not object.

    • Lol, NN. You can’t even follow the rules of your own question. Remember the part that said “but you can never leave”? Geeze, now I sound like a Hotel California song. Anyway, you got to pick a spot where your butt stays parked. No traveling to other countries on vacation!

      As for the fund, um, I’ll leave that one up to my readers…

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