Favorite Book Series

I thought I’d keep it simple today and discuss book series.  Most of us have read at least a few, and if you’re like me, you’ve read tons of them.  There are so many out there it’s difficult to ask which one is better than all the others.  Each author adds their own unique flavor with characters and world building.  I could go on and on about why each one is great, but that isn’t the purpose of this post.  Instead, I’d like participants to list one traditionally published series they love and one indie published series they love.  Here are mine and the reasons why:

Traditionally Published

darkfever-book-coverThe Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning is one of those series I can read over and over again.  She is a close tie with Jeaniene Frost’s books, so I constantly waver between the two, but for today it’s The Fever.  The reasons I love it are the intelligent writing, impressive world building, strong emotions it invokes in me, and the intricate plotting.  Many people were initially turned off by the first book because the main character, MacKayla, came off as shallow and petty, but the way the author evolved her over the course of the books was impressive.  You watch her become something stronger, better, and maybe even wish you could be a little bit like her.

For all of these reasons, this is a series that will always be a favorite.  It was completed in January of 2011, so there is no worry of being caught with a cliff hanger if you chose to start it, but there are future books tied into the same world that have come out or will in the future.

Blood Wager Book CoverIndie Published

The Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle is my favorite indie series.  It was tough to decide on this one because I do have many self-published favorites.  One thing that works in Connie’s favor is she has so many books out in her series that I’ve been able to grow very attached to her characters and world.  Not only this, but she puts out these dang novels so fast (about one a month) that you never feel you’re gone from them for long.  If you all are not familiar with her work, she has three series that are all interconnected to the same world but focus on a different character.  Since I started with Blood Destiny, though, that’s the one I’ve chosen to highlight.

Her books have left me laughing, crying, and outraged.  I feel the full range of emotions and she knows how to pull them from me.  It’s an art she has down pat.  The other amazing part about her novels is the world building is the most impressive I’ve ever seen.  For lack of a better term, it’s epic.  Anyone who has kept up with her books knows what I’m talking about.  You see it a little in the early novels, but it continues to grow with each successive one until you can’t imagine the world she created doesn’t exist.  For the aforementioned reasons, her series is my top pic among indies.


Now it’s your turn to list your favorites and maybe give a line or two as to why.  I know it’s tough to narrow down, but give it a shot.  I’ll be interested to hear what everyone else enjoys!

*REMINDER* The November-December Writing Contest will be ending tomorrow (December 15th) at midnight.  If you’d planned to get an entry in, there is not much time left.  If you’re an author who’d like to get their book cover advertised on this blog, but don’t meet the guidelines, this is one way you could get the chance.  Plus I’ll be giving out three Amazon gift cards for a total value of $50 to the finalists.

~ by Suzie on December 14, 2012.

13 Responses to “Favorite Book Series”

  1. I’m a big fan of the Kate Daniels series from Ilona Andrews, although the last release (two interconnected novellas, basically) wasn’t as good as previous ones IMO. I also like Gin Blanco by Jennifer Estep, and Jeannine Frost’s night huntress series as a tie for second place. I’m mentioning them because I clearly can’t follow directions LOL.

    Although I’ve loved many individual indie novels, I haven’t yet read a series I’d give top marks to. I’m reading the first in a series now that I know I won’t continue with. It’s just not my style. Although the heroine is kick-ass and the fight scenes are well written and gripping, it’s epic/high fantasy and it just drags on for-ev-er.
    I’ll add your pics to my TBR pile though!

    • The Kate Daniels series is the next best for me after the Fever and Night Huntress series. You have good taste in that!

      Indie UF is tricky to find good ones. There are a whole slew of bad novels I’ve never bothered to report on here. Many I couldn’t even finish. Yet there are some really good ones (like yours). Sometime soon I’ll compile a full list for the paranormal lovers. I did a post last year covering my top picks for adult vampire series, but it included traditional as well as indie. I’d like to do one that is straight indie for those looking for good recommendations. Of course, you’ll probably curse me again for lengthening your TBR 🙂

      I’ve got some new ones on my own TBR right now that look promising and hope they’ll be ones to recommend as well.

  2. Hmmm… so many to choose from…! Here are a few of my faves:
    Fantasy – The Lord of the Rings – J.R.Tolkien (the longest travelogue on the planet?)
    Crime / Murder Mystery – The D.I.Rebus Series – Ian Rankin (the dark side of Scotland?)
    Sci Fi – The various ‘Culture’ novels of Ian.M.Banks (all standalone, yet all connected, uber-clever)
    Sci-Fi/Fantasy – His Dark Materials Trilogy – Philip Pullman (glorious prose, terrifying storyline)
    Crime – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (etc) – Stieg Larsson (Scandinavian masterclass…)
    … I could go on, and on, and on… 🙂

  3. The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
    and Mageri series by Dannika Dark (indie)

    I love both so much, but i like the books of Connie too,ahh there ar emany books I love, I need more time to read new books and to reread many books 🙂

  4. i loved the fever series as well.. looking for the newest one that carries on with Dannie.
    Connie Suttle is the BOMB! *G* shes made my number 1 spot for all my authors!
    also, LOVE the Anita Blake novels.

    • Brandy, the newest book, Iced, is great. Some people don’t like Dannie’s “voice” but I think it’s good. I read the whole book in less than two days and can’t wait for the next one. Too bad KMM isn’t as prolific as Connie is so it will be awhile. Sounds like we have similar taste in authors 🙂

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