November/December 2012 Writing Contest Finalist- Charity Parkerson

As stated in the contest announcement, I will be posting the finalists’ stories  individually each day.  The first up is Charity Parkerson for her story, The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa Claus- A Twisted Christmas Tale.  These are being posted in the order they were entered.  Please read each one.  After they have all been posted I will open the contest on December 19th with a voting poll where readers can decide which one is the best.

Please remember, this is not a popularity contest. If contestants wish to send their friends/family here to read their entry, they should let them know to check back and read the others as well before the poll opens.   I would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this.

The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa Claus- A Twisted Christmas Tale


Charity Parkerson

The fat man needs to die, Kevin decided as he stared at the fire blazing in the fireplace. The orange glow of the flickering flames gave the tiny room its only light, but it did nothing to relieve its bleakness. Three years in a row now, he had sat in this exact spot, and waited for the red-suited jolly man’s arrival only to have his efforts thwarted each time, but not this year. He was ready for him this time. A plate of arsenic sprinkled cookies and a glass of rat-poisoned milk sat at his elbow as a welcoming gift for an unwanted yearly visitor. Evil lurked behind those coal-colored eyes. Santa might have lured the rest of the world into his mythical white van with a promise of free candy, but Kevin knew the truth. He was no more than a thief. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year Kevin donned his tiny pink tights and slaved away collecting his pearly white treasures, always making sure to pay the going rate, only to have an obese borderline diabetic drop in once a year and destroy his treasure with sticky sugary sweets. Gripping the metal pliers that he held at the ready a bit tighter, a smile of pure satisfaction touched Kevin’s lips. This year Kevin would take his treasure in trade.

A cold blast of wind whipped through the room, killing the fire, and plunging the room into darkness. Restless hooves beat against the rooftop as the sound of heavy footsteps fell across the wooden floor. The rapid beating of Kevin’s heart drummed inside of his ears and his eyes refused to adjust to the sudden loss of light. The air stirred at his side and Kevin leapt from his seat, swinging the heavy pliers wildly. When his blow met with only empty air, the momentum carried him full-circle and left him off-balance until he landed solidly on his rear-end. A jolly laugh filled the room as a wave of exhaustion fell over him and he was no longer able to hold his eyes open.

The bright morning sunlight fell across Kevin’s face pulling him from a deep sleep. Disheartened, Kevin realized he had slept through another Christmas Eve night. In his chair sat a bright red stocking overflowing with sticky sweet candies.

The weight of failure sat heavy upon his chest until he spied the empty glass. Kevin nearly cackled in laughter as he moved to the table. He might have missed seeing him, but Santa would not survive the night. However, sitting on top of the now bare plate was a tiny white note.

“Thank you for the milk and cookies. I use them to fuel my sleigh. If you wish to best me, might I suggest sleeping during the day? Until then, please accept this gift without fear, as I look forward to matching wits with you again next year. Sincerely, S.C.”

Underneath the note, amongst the cookie crumbs, sat two pearly white teeth. If he wasn’t mistaken, they were from the front.
The End.

~ by Suzie on December 16, 2012.

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  2. Giggles. You are so cool. :o)

  3. *giggles* They were from the front…bwahaha!

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