November/December 2012 Writing Contest Finalist- Catherine Woodruff

As stated in the contest announcement, I will be posting the finalists’ stories  individually each day.  The second one to be revealed is Catherine Woodruff for her story, One Last Chance- A tale of Hope and Love.  These are being posted in the order in which they were entered.  Please read each one.  After they have all been posted I will open the contest on December 19th with a voting poll where readers can decide which one is the best.

Please remember, this is not a popularity contest. If contestants wish to send their friends/family here to read their entry, they should let them know to check back and read the others as well before the poll opens.   I would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this.

One Last Christmas- A Tale of Hope and Love


Catherine Woodruff

One More Christmas… that’s all that’s left I just couldn’t wrap my mind about the 3 little words that changed my life. I was just about to burst into tears when I realized I just had to stay strong for my mom and dad and Sarah. I didn’t wasn’t them to be more hurt then they all already were. If I cried they would too. Why dose life have to be SO hard, why can’t it just be easy, with no emotional rollercoaster rides? I sighed and picked up my steaming cup of hot cholate, it was in my favorite mug. The mug was all white with little pink cursive letters saying HOPE. Hope, is basically my life motto, well you see I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. I have already been through tons of chemo theapery that made me not only lose my hair but also my friends and almost all my happiness. If it wasn’t for my family I don’t know where I would be now.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my mom bringing the grocies. I immediately got up off my hot pink fuzzy coach and ran over to her and grabbed a bag out of her hands. “Thanks Izzy” My mom said trying her best to sound happy, but I know she will never be the funny, care free mom she was to me to Sarah. I wiped a tear off my face that somehow made me want to cry more. I tried to occupy my mind, so I went to look through the big brown bags my mom left on the counter. In every single bag there was Christmas stuff. Christmas decorations, lights, Tincle, holly, mistole, candy canes, gingerbread men kits, ginger bread house kits, everything Christmassy was in these bags. I gave my mom a confused look, she just smiled and replied “ I decided we shouldn’t be mopping around dreading our last Christmas together we should be living it to the fullest as a whole family” I smiled and nodded “ I would love that” she gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear “ I knew you would”. I knew she was advoding this question for days but now I had to ask her. “Ummm… Mom is dad going to be here before I umm you know die” She looks at me very sadly and tears are streaming down her face. “Not until5 more months Izzy… I’m so sorry he can’t he tried so hard though his general said he can’t leave deployment early… I’m so sorry Izzy”. I was crushed in side I felt my heart just break into a thousand little pieces, but I had to be strong for Sarah mom and dad. “I’m okay mom honestly, Oh look Ginger bread let’s make some” I smiled at my mom she laughed a little and smiled back.

2 weeks later- Christmas Day

“Wake up wake up wake up” screams Sarah while jumping on my bed. I open my crystal blue eyes and saw Sarah jumping happily up and down right on top of me. I smiled and hugged her tight “merry Christmas Little Sis” I whispered to Sarah. “Merry Christmas Big Sister” she screams at the top of her lungs while running out of my room. I grab my peace sign robe and throw it over my cookie monster pajamas. I excitedly ran down my hard wooden steps jumping off the last to and landing on the ground with a big thud. I look up and see mom and Sarah looking at me. I look at her. She smiles big and points to a big box, she smiles bigger and says “it’s for you I know you will love it”. I ccautionly open it and see the only thing I wanted to see my dad in his military uniform smiling back at me. “Daddy” I choke out as I hug him so tight I think he lost all feeling in his body. ‘Izzy” He chokes out trying to hold back tears. The rest of the best day of my life we chated and played with our gifts, family came and we ate. Of course I am sad to leave this earth and for many days I begged God why me why did I have to get cancer, but now I know why, because my cancer brought my family closer together and when I leave this earth they will still be close. When I leave this earth I’ll be happy with God but not happier than the day they come up to heave with me and we can be a happy family again.

~ by Suzie on December 17, 2012.

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