November/December Writing Contest Finalists Poll

vote-picWe have three finalists for the October writing contest.  Thanks to everyone who participated and/or encouraged the entrants.  We have some great stories to choose from.  The following contestants are the ones up for voting.  Please do congratulate them!

*Charity Parkerson
*Catherine Woodruff
*Jon Recluse

Below will be a review of the contest stipulations, followed by a partial of the entrants’ stories with links to the rest. At the bottom will be the instructions and the poll for voting. Anyone may vote for the tale they believe is best, but you should take the time to read all of them before making your decision. Remember, you may vote only once.  Contestants, please note that you cannot use blogs, twitter, Facebook, or any other site to ask for votes (I watch this very closely).  You are allowed to announce you are a finalist on those sites and link this page, but you should only tell people to vote for the best story, not yours specifically.


1) The theme is holiday stories.  Entries must be relevant to holidays which occur during the November-December time frame, regardless of religion or country of origin.  So long as it is documented as a real holiday somewhere, it can be written about.

2) The story itself may be one from real life or one you made up, but it must be originally written by you and not copied from any other source.  No plagiarizing.  The story must not be one that can be found elsewhere prior to the contest even if you did write it.

3) The holiday in question should be made clear.  Whether you tell it from the point of view of humans, animals, or supernatural beings is entirely up to you.

4) Style and mechanics will be considered for those stories chosen for finalist positions.  After that, it will be up to the voters to decide.  The tale can be sad, happy, or humorous but keep in mind your audience will be looking for something that touches them in some way.

5) Word count: Up to 2500 words (no minimum)


The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa Claus- A Twisted Christmas Tale


Charity Parkerson

The fat man needs to die, Kevin decided as he stared at the fire blazing in the fireplace. The orange glow of the flickering flames gave the tiny room its only light, but it did nothing to relieve its bleakness. Three years in a row now, he had sat in this exact spot, and waited for the red-suited jolly man’s arrival only to have his efforts thwarted each time, but not this year. He was ready for him this time. A plate of arsenic sprinkled cookies and a glass of rat-poisoned milk sat at his elbow as a welcoming gift for an unwanted yearly visitor. Evil lurked behind those coal-colored eyes. Santa might have lured the rest of the world into his mythical white van with a promise of free candy, but Kevin knew the truth.

Click here to continue.


One Last Christmas- A Tale of Hope and Love


Catherine Woodruff

One More Christmas… that’s all that’s left I just couldn’t wrap my mind about the 3 little words that changed my life. I was just about to burst into tears when I realized I just had to stay strong for my mom and dad and Sarah. I didn’t wasn’t them to be more hurt then they all already were. If I cried they would too. Why dose life have to be SO hard, why can’t it just be easy, with no emotional rollercoaster rides? I sighed and picked up my steaming cup of hot cholate, it was in my favorite mug. The mug was all white with little pink cursive letters saying HOPE. Hope, is basically my life motto, well you see I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. I have already been through tons of chemo theapery that made me not only lose my hair but also my friends and almost all my happiness. If it wasn’t for my family I don’t know where I would be now.

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Blue Christmas


Jon Recluse

It was just after dark on Christmas Eve when I found myself outside the park. I paused at the entrance to let the spirit of the season wash over me as the snow gently fell and two old biddies beat each other senseless over a parking spot the size of a Matchbox car. Heartwarming as the scene was, particularly after a quick belt of holiday cheer from my flask, I had to move on to the business at hand and afoot. I lit a cigar to help warm my cockles, and entered the park.

The whole thing seemed simple enough, which should have been ample warning that it wasn’t, but a case was a case and I wasn’t one to let knowing better keep me from risking life, limb and what was left of my sanity to make a buck.

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Congratulations to the finalists.  You all did a wonderful job and I wish each of you the best of luck during voting.   The poll will stay open until midnight (EST) Friday, December 21st.  On Saturday, December 22nd, I will announce the winner.  All finalists will receive their Amazon gift cards that day via email (be sure I have your correct email address).

Once again, the contestants are welcome to announce their story being up for vote on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. but I require you DO NOT tell people to vote for you specifically.  Ask others to simply visit and select the story they think is best.  Please make this a fair contest.  I really do not want to disqualify anyone.

Also, for those interested I have posted the stipulations for the next writing contest.  It will run from January to February and have a Valentine’s Day theme. Check it out if you are interested by clicking here.

~ by Suzie on December 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “November/December Writing Contest Finalists Poll”

  1. These were al really great stories! Congrats to all three authors.

  2. Three spectacularly diverse submissions. I enjoyed reading them! 🙂

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