What’s your favorite daily coffee or tea?

coffeeIf there is one thing I’ve come to realize, it’s that most readers/writers love to partake of a hot brew on a daily basis.  I know I drink coffee in what seems like the bucketfuls.  It’s nothing fancy.  With the amount I drink I need to be economical and Folgers medium blend works well enough for me.  Sure, it’s not one of those name brands people rave about, but it works.

On the rare occasion I drink tea, it’s usually Earl Grey or Al-Wazah.  If I’m out and about and want to splurge on something really good, I get a white chocolate mocha.  Those things irritate my poor lactose intolerant stomach (no, I won’t ruin it with soy milk) but they are so good it’s worth the suffering.  I only get them about once a month anyway.

This brings the subject back around to you.  What’s your daily drink of choice?  What’s your favorite if you’re out at a local coffee shop?  Leave a comment listing your top choices.  I’m curious what other people like to drink the most.  Also, please vote in the poll below, thanks.

~ by Suzie on January 28, 2013.

26 Responses to “What’s your favorite daily coffee or tea?”

  1. I had just left a comment on a different blog about how people tend to be one or the other (tea v. coffee) with little overlap! Funny coincidence. I’m a tea drinker, and probably one of the few to survive law school without converting to coffee. I drink many varieties of tea, preferably loose and without chamomile in it (which smells and tastes like dirt to me, but I’ll brew it for my violets).

  2. Coffee has too much caffeine for my system and I get too jittery and hyped up. Actually, I’m probably the equivalent of a 5-year-old child on way too much candy. So I stick with tea of all varieties. There is the rare occasion where I will go out and get a coffee from Tim Horton’s because I happen across a commercial of theirs. I had their mocha latte last year. It wasn’t as bitter as most coffees I’ve tried, but it still made me hyper. >.< So I opt for a chai latte if I'm at a coffee shop.

    • I always hear about you folks who can’t handle too much caffeine. It must be tough. I can drink several cups of coffee in a row, add a Monster energy drink, and then go right to sleep. The only way it can faze me at all is if I don’t eat all day, but that could just be the lack of food making me jittery. Funny how we each process it differently.

      • Agreed! I rarely even feel the effects of coffee anymore, and often reheat that morning’s pot at around 8-9pm. My wife and I are little bit snobbish when it comes to coffee – Starbucks or Café du Monde most weeks, but we’ll mix it up with some Newman’s Own if we’re running to Target and are out of the good stuff!

        • Wow, Dob, I have a four hour rule on reheating. If the pot has been off more than that long I can’t handle the strong flavor. You have some tough taste buds. Maybe that quality stuff makes the difference.

  3. All my family has those Keurig things. No way. If I had to make my coffee one cup at a time, I’d go insane. I make a whole pot in the morning and it’s gone by 10am. Folgers for me too. Coffee flavored coffee, you know? Although I do enjoy a herbal tea in the evenings some times.

    That said, I’m sure you know how I voted. It’s happy hour somewhere, right?

    • Yeah, I tried one of those cup at a time things and had to toss it. Definitely need a whole pot. Glad we agree on the Folgers as well 🙂

      Somehow, your vote doesn’t surprise me, lol. I knew I needed to include that answer for someone!

  4. Chock- full o’ nuts dark silk or folgers, I drink to much for one cups..thought about getting one but, NA!

  5. Coffee in the morning. Tea in the evenings with the man (he doesn’t drink coffee). I get some really great inexpensive flavored coffee beans at my local discount grocery store. I’m hooked on the Raspberry Chocolate flavored. I grind them at home and brew up a big pot.

    • Hey, I thought you were a vampire, Juliette! Apparently you’re the really awesome version that gets to eat and drink like normal. Anyway, I used to like the flavored stuff, but I’ve gotten to where I prefer it plain these days. Grinding coffee fresh certainly makes it even better, though.

  6. Sadly, despite being part of the (ex) British ruling class I can’t stand tea. And while I drink coffee, my drink of choice is Coke, one of the greatest inventions of all time.
    And, here in the Old Empire we are a tad pissed off with Starbucks as it has just been pointed out how little tax the pay in our green and pleasant land…..

    • Coke is good, Tweedy, I’ll give you that, but it can’t replace coffee (the real greatest invention of all). Starbucks is evil no matter where it is!

    • Tweedy, I’m living across the pond (originally from Oxford) and I heard about the SBux scandal. I hear Microsoft and Amazon were also on the naughty list in 2012.

      That said, Coke is definitely a weakness of mine. I’m on a diet right now, so it just spends time taunting me from shop fridges, but it’s not bad enough to make me want to drink tea…yet…

  7. Love coffee and tea. My favorite coffee is called Rocket Java by Cascade Pride. Had it just this morning. Yum! If I’m out at Starbucks, I get a skinny vanilla latte.

  8. I admit, I’m an overlapper. My day has to start with coffee — plain, dark, strong. After that, it’s a cup of green tea, then water. Later in the day, another cup of tea. At the moment, my afternoon tea is a licorice one that I really haven’t decided if I like. If I splurg, it’s a chai latte with a triple shot of espresso. 🙂 Or just a triple shot of espresso without the chai.

  9. My wife talked me into getting one of those Keurig things as well. It works for me, as I only have time for one cup of coffee in the morning on my way to work. Now on my days off I just get my proper coffee cup, (Large, Black, with the a white skull clutching a rose and a red interior. (Glorious) and I will brew 2-3 of the ‘single cups’ all at once on the most concentrated setting. Makes for a good day. As for tea, I prefer iced sweet tea. does that count?

    • Steven, in the part of the country I live in, iced tea most definitely counts. I suppose I should have added that as part of the options, now that you mention it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  10. I love this post! I was already having my first coffee as I read it, which put me in the mood for a second….yes, even before I finished my first. My favorite blends come from a local family-owned farm market. They have some amazing blends that they hand-pick and have made for them, and they’re so good that I don’t need to add milk or sugar. I also find their coffees to be less acidic than most, which I really like. I love their breakfast blend and almost all of their naturally flavored coffees as well. Each flavor suits different moods and, interestingly, different creative moods seem to call for different flavors. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for an occasion Starbucks mocha though.

    • I’m primarily a coffee drinker myself, but tend to stick with the same brand and flavor every time. I should probably try for more variety as you do, Raisingdaisy, but it rarely happens. Those Starbucks mochas are a definite splurge, though!

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