Blog updates…plus new contest information

Man writing formulaHope everyone had a great weekend and that your all getting back into the swing of things.  For today, I wanted to cover a few updates that are relevant to this blog and the people who visit.   These are especially important to authors and those who plan to participate in future writing contests.  Please read them if you want to stay current with the latest news:

  • I now have a Goodreads account under my moniker “Mistress of the Dark Path”.  I spent the weekend copying my past reviews to the site.  Not all of them are up yet, it’s a tedious process, but most are.  You can see my page here.
  • The book review request page is open again after being closed since December.  I don’t respond to requests there anymore, but if I’m interested in your novel it is added to my TBR list on Goodreads.  I’m still getting that list updated as well, but if your work isn’t there yet, it should be soon (if I decide to accept it).  I’m slowly deleting requests of anything I honestly don’t think I’d be interested in (and everything I already read/reviewed).  My time is valuable these days and I have to go with novels that fall into genres/premises I prefer.
  • I’m now a host with three book tour organizing groups.  You will see 5-6 posts a month on average marketing new book releases.  They often include prizes so it’s worth checking them out.  Plus it’s just good to keep up with the latest work being released!  The badges on the lower right side of the blog will take you to the tour sites if you click on them.  If are looking for a good organizer to use for your next novel (or a current book that needs a boost) they have a lot of great blogs they work with to get the word out for you at reasonable rates.
  • In addition to tours, I now offer author interviews.  There are some rules in relation to this, but if you are a regular on the blog (or using one of the tour organizers I host with), then you should be eligible.  I do have some genre specifications, but for people who have been visiting this blog for a while and don’t fall under any of those I may wave that rule.  See this page for more details.
  • I haven’t had any requests for book cover advertisements recently (it doesn’t cost anything).  If you’d like yours up for at least a week, and you meet the requirements, please let me know.

New Writing Contest Information:

1) The change to having entrants submit their stories by email has been canceled.  They will do as they always did before and post it in the comments section of the contest post for that month.  After some discussion with others, I agreed that it took a lot of the fun out of it if writers couldn’t tell their friends/family to go check out their story.

2) Enough judges have volunteered and been selected so that all finalist stories will be voted on by a panel I trust to judge fairly.  I’ll remain open to more folks volunteering in the future as I do believe the greater the number of people weighing in the better.  My email information is here if you are interested.

At this time there are eight full-time judges with one back-up to select winners.  I will also allow those among them who have the time and inclination to aid in the selection of finalists.  It will no longer just be me making the decision.  Judges who help with the contests for at least six months will be awarded a badge (to be designed sometime soon) to post on their blogs/website once they resign.  Until then, they will remain anonymous so that they can vote without influence from outside sources.

3) From the time the contest closes until approximately eighteen hours after I will be working with the judges who wish to participate in selecting finalists.  Please be patient if you are an entrant as we narrow the stories down.  You won’t have to wait more than a day to find out if you made it into round two.  The ones who make it will have their names and stories posted the same way as before (but without the poll).

4) Finalist entries will be rated the same way as they were for last month.  Each judge will pick a top favorite that will get one full point.  Their second favorite will receive half of a point.  They will have forty-eight hours from the time of the finalist announcement to make their decision.  Once all votes are in, I’ll tally the total and announce the winner and runner-up.  I will also give voting totals for each story.

5) All other details, such as prizes and this month’s contest stipulations (March theme is St. Patrick’s Day) remain the same.  I’ve updated the contest page with the few changes that were made for those who wish to check them over.

***These decisions are final.  There will not be any more changes in the foreseeable future.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask.***

~ by Suzie on March 4, 2013.

4 Responses to “Blog updates…plus new contest information”

  1. “These decisions are final.” Rule number 1: Do not argue with the Mistress!

  2. […] will vote after the finalist stories have been selected.  For the full explanation, see this post.  Other than the new voting system, most everything else is the same (such as everyone will […]

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