Weapon of choice during the apocalypse…

Zombies at sunsetLets sit back and think for a minute about what we would do if the apocalypse should arrive.  Okay, I admit it could come in many forms so we’ll narrow it down to a zombie outbreak since everyone seems to be into that right now.  Imagine they are popping out everywhere and you and your buddies are running out of places to hide.  People you’ve known your whole life have been bitten and turned…usually after a piece or two of them was gnawed off.  There’s no cure and the darn things don’t die unless their brains take severe damage (why is it the brains anyway?).

Maybe you could get to some kind of “relative safety” if only you could get out of the city. You’ve found transportation, but the roads are clogged with debris and abandoned vehicles so it isn’t going to be easy.  Not to mention the walking dead all over the place.  Boy, life sucks during an apocalypse.

Because I do love hypothetical questions, as you regulars know, I must have one for this scenario.  If you could have only one weapon to carry during a zombie outbreak, what would it be?

What is my weapon of choice, you ask?  I’d probably go with a H&K .45 with hollow point rounds.  You don’t want anything too unwieldy since the zombies might sneak up on you at close range and the bullets needs to be the kind with a lot of stopping power.  Some people might prefer swords or shotguns, but I prefer to keep some distance between me and things that want to eat me.  If you are in a country that outlawed most  guns, I don’t know what to tell you but there are always some kind of options available.  Steel pipes or blow torches are possible choices…

Feel free to get creative.

~ by Suzie on March 13, 2013.

16 Responses to “Weapon of choice during the apocalypse…”

  1. Scarcity of ammunition is the only chance the zombies have. That and the overwhelming press of large, relentless numbers unconcerned with their own survival. I would be concerned about running out of bullets, at which point your gun is now an uninspiring club. Crossbow sounds fun, or anything with recoverable ammo. At the same time, I would like perimeter weapons like land mines or a fire line. All zombie stories are siege stories. In which case your best weapon might be a high wall and three years of drinking water and canned stew. Hmmm. Ok. So, now I need a distance weapon with recoverable ammo, perimeter weapons, food and water, high walls, and maybe a cannon. To sum up: my favorite weapon for the end of the world: a walled city. I better get to work…

  2. I’m not super knowledgeable about guns, so I asked hubby. He went on a huge lecture about lack of accuracy in AK47 , the M16 being light, something about a Ruger. When I finally narrowed him down, he said his 9mm Beretta because it’s portable, holds 15 rounds, and he’s had it forever and is comfortable with it. Although he also mentioned the H&K as his second choice.

    Me? I’m the one with the frypan that gets chewed up in the first episode.

    • Debra, you’re a resourceful woman. I don’t believe for a minute you’d die that fast!

      I agree you should be familiar with your weapon of choice. That’s one of the reasons I chose an H&K is because I’d fired it before. I’ve used the Beretta too, but 9mm rounds are so small you’d have to shoot more to do as much damage. Still, if you know how to use it well then that’s the thing to go with.

  3. A bottle of sleeping pills…so I can off myself. 😀

  4. Setting aside the fact that in any kind of apocalypse, lack of medicine would mean I die early, probably before the zombies even get to me (thank goodness), I might go for a bow and arrow, but only if I could somehow channel some of my characters’ talent. Or, perhaps more suited to my abilities would be some kind of bulldozer lined with spikes and armor plates. Then I could just mow them down from where I’m sitting.

  5. There are times you just need to call in an air strike …

  6. Hmmm. Cloak of Invisibility? Infinite flamethrower? If you’re not going to allow those, then you’re probably not going to allow infinite ammunition, so shotguns and HKs are out, which kinda leaves a katana.

  7. If you can postulate zombies, you can postulate hand-held laser weapons …

  8. As a certified Protector, I’ll use the Fabrique Nationale P90 (FN P90). If I can’t use that I’ll take my Cosmorifle and its plasma rounds. The cooling panels on back and solar panels on front allow it to turn sunlight into super-heated plasma! Hecks yeah! Its not even made by humans!

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