Words that make your dirty mind go mmm…

dirty woman

***Warning!!!  This blog post contains language and subject matter that may be offensive to some readers.  It is not for the faint of heart.  Keep reading at your own risk.***


Last week Charity Parkerson, Melissa Craig, Debra Dunbar and I were having a chat on Twitter.  The subject of reviews came up and how Debra received a “big” one for one of her books.  Never mind who wrote it, but let’s just say the word “big” triggered a conversation that had very little to do with reviews and a whole lot to do with kinky stuff.  Bigger is better after all.  The next thing you know people are joining in our Twitter conversation from out of nowhere.  I honestly had no idea who these folks were, but they didn’t want to miss out on the dirty talk.

Anyone who says people don’t read the main Twitter feed is WRONG.  Every time we get into one of these types of conversations people pop up.  Um, okay, that word just made my mind go into a naughty place filled with hard, rigid things.  See?  I can’t help myself.  Anyway, the fact of the matter is that with us it doesn’t take much to get us there.  Damn, now that made me think of something else.

As you can see, it only takes one wrong word or phrase and we can turn the conversation into something seriously erotic in no time.  Of course, Melissa and Charity are erotica authors and Debra has been releasing some of her own lately (books, that is).  As for me, I’m Mistress of the Dark Path, so what do you expect?

So now that I’ve ruined any innocent minds that have stuck with the post this far, it’s time to get to business.  I’ve already shown a few examples above, but now I want you all to suggest words or phrases that make your mind go straight into the gutter.  Feel free to add as many as you like and comment on others.  All bets are off for this post…


ETA- All of our Twitter handles are linked in the first paragraph if you’re brave enough to follow us 🙂

~ by Suzie on March 21, 2013.

25 Responses to “Words that make your dirty mind go mmm…”

  1. I always giggle when I message our next day’s guest, “Are you still coming on the show tomorrow?” Oh yeah, you just might 😀

  2. Knitting.
    My wife likes to keep her fingers busy while I get on with whatever I’m doing. I offered to buy her a machine to do it, but she was outraged. It doesn’t matter what glossy pictures I show her, or the claims that she will be 100% satisfied with a machine, she prefers doing it manually. I even found one that knits both sides at the same time, but all the response that got was a slap! Still, better than a poke in the eye, I always say.

  3. “Go hard, or not at all.”–This is a reference to working hard to complete a goal. I can’t get past the word “hard”. “Come again”–It’s supposed to mean “repeat yourself”. That’s not how my mind translates it. “Hot, sweaty, out of breath…”–These words together could describe someone jogging or working out, but it’s always sexual to me. “Pussy or kitty” is NEVER about an animal. I can never take anyone seriously with “Dick” as a first name. I could go on. My mind stays in the gutter. LOL

    • All great examples, Dicey! Many of those same words/phrases trigger me as well. Uh oh, I just found another one- “trigger” makes me think dirty things too!

  4. Y’all need to include me in your next sex chat. It’s my fave subject. 😉

  5. “It’s getting hot in here!”

  6. It’s the kids that always make me laugh – like when 4yo comments that his “balls are huge” or he can’t “get his sword to fit “.

    • Lol, Debra, I’d have a really hard time holding a straight face. That’s too funny about your son.

      One time when I was about twelve or thirteen me, my brother, and two cousins were all staying at my granma’s house for the summer and had to go to church with her. Well, this was a Pentecostal church with a preacher that always went on and on for hours. Did I mention it was Sunday night so we’d already been to church earlier that day as well? So of course we were bored out of our skulls as the preaching seemed to never end. Back in those days, I might have been the instigator of a few plots and caused a bit of trouble. This time was no exception.

      I whispered to my brother and cousins (we were all within two years of each other in age) to take every single thing the pastor said in a dirty way. It wasn’t long before we were disrupting the church with all our giggles and getting my granma angry (not sure if she ever figured out why were laughing). The problem was he kept saying “the cup overfloweth”. To this day I can’t hear that and not have naughty thoughts!

  7. One word: Feldco. Why? There’s a feldco commercial that makes me laugh because everyone asks, “where do you wanna get lucky!” Its the way the question was asked and how everyone responds that makes it claptastic! You have to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?=1&v=NbPcoHDxMcg

    Everytime I see that commercial I laugh! I’ll probably get over it tomorrow.

    • There was definitely someone with a dirty mind who made that commercial. Subtle enough small children wouldn’t get it, but blatant enough that anyone older would. Windows…yeah right!

  8. Where, pray tell, was I during this exchange? Fun times… Love Charity – will check out the rest of you. Thanks!

  9. “Mistress” always gets me going …

  10. Mine are all pretty simple everyday words. Few examples:
    Pink, peaches, “Mickey Mouse Club House; come inside, come inside.”

    • lol, Jibarican. Those are some interesting words/phrases that set you off!

      • 😀 Thank You. Pink, well it reminds me of more than Victoria’s Secret; while peaches, the soft skin coupled to the immediate secretion of its juice reminds me of my mouth tangled in a romantic struggle; where as “Mickeys’ Club House, Come inside come inside” I make a direct correlation to climaxing deep inside when at play. I’ve lost some of my marbles… I think

  11. Hehe, dirty tweets are the best. I think that’s why I love Tiffany Reisz tweets so much. She always says something outrageous… Great post!

    • Twitter is definitely a great place to go a little wild. I’m always happy to find more dirty minded people who understand 🙂

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