Interview with author Connie Suttle and a giveaway!

I’m super excited to present an interview I recently conducted with paranormal author Connie Suttle.  She’s been a mover and shaker on Amazon with her high sales for the amazing novels she publishes and has built up an enthusiastic fan base (including myself).  At this time she has three series out with a fourth, God Wars, about to release in May.

Check out the questions I asked her below as well as information on her different series.  Two random commenters will be chosen to receive a paperback copy of Demon Lost, the first book in her High Demon series.  They will also receive stamps (with her book covers on them), note cards, and bookmarks.  I have managed to get some of these things myself and can vouch for their awesomeness! 

You have until Saturday, April 13th, at midnight (CDT) to leave a comment before the winners are chosen by a random generator.  Be sure to leave a reliable email address in the appropriate box or else another person will be chosen.  After the deadline, I’ll pass the two names and their email addresses on to Connie so she can contact them for mailing information.  This giveaway is open for international participants.


Update- The two winners have been selected via a random name picker and their emails forwarded to Connie.  She should be contacting them soon.  Congratulations to:

1. Fidget78
2. Bethan L





*Note- my responses to Connie’s answers are in italics.

Tell us something dark about yourself.

I may have (I will neither confirm nor deny this if put on the spot by authorities) photograph(s) of state politician(s) with horns and tails drawn on. These may or may not be attached to a file cabinet in my office.


I’ve been tempted to do something similar myself!

You are on a deserted island and can only choose one beverage to have beside you. What would it be?

Wine—no contest. If I’m the only person there, I definitely need to be drunk.


If you had your laptop and an internet connection, you’d be all set! 

If you had to choose between a bullwhip, cat o’ nine tails or a crop, which would you pick?

If I could wield a bullwhip like Indiana Jones (and for the same reasons) I’d definitely choose that!


He seems to have a lot of influence on people’s whip choices.  I must admit he does make the bullwhip look fun 🙂

What mythical creature would you be and why?

I’ll dig into my own created mythology and choose one of the Mighty. Who wouldn’t want that kind of power?

Oooh, I can’t wait to read more about those guys.  They definitely sound like they have some serious skills!


What first inspired you to write your series?

That’s a good question, and the answer is different for each series. For Blood Destiny, I was trying to find a punchline for a joke in another book I was writing at the time. The joke? Two vampires walk into a bar. I never did come up with a viable punchline for that joke, but honestly, that got me started on Lissa’s story and I never looked back. For the Ir’Indicti series, I was looking for an animal to use as a nickname for a character in another book I was writing, and I knew it had to be a tiny animal. Therefore, after some research, I found the bumblebee bat. Ashe’s story grew from that discovery. I’ve learned that inspiration can come from what may seem to be the most trivial things.


It’s funny how the smallest thing can spark our imagination, but I didn’t realize that is what got you to write Blood Destiny.  How cool, though I do hope you figure out that punch line someday…

How long does it usually take to research/write your novels?

It depends. The first draft of Blood Wager was written in three weeks. I tweaked and revised for months afterward and no, I didn’t get much sleep during that initial three week period. Lissa’s story poured out of me and I chose not to hold it back. The book that took the longest to write was Shadowed (book 2 in the Ir’Indicti series). It was an add-in—originally that series went from Bumble to Target. It took nearly a year to finish Shadowed, because three other books were already written in that series and Shadowed had to fit in between.


Your ability to produce great books never ceases to amaze me.  Funny how some come faster than others, though.

Give one unique fact about your series that makes it different from the others in its genre.

I’ll use Blood Destiny for this answer, because it doesn’t fit comfortably in a single genre. The first three books—Blood Wager, Blood Passage and Blood Sense—fall firmly in the urban fantasy genre. The next three books in that series—Blood Domination, Blood Royal and Blood Queen—ride the fence between urban fantasy and science fiction. The last four of the series—Blood Rebellion, Blood War, Blood Redemption and Blood Reunion—fall firmly in the science fiction realm. I’m not sure any other series has made that much of a transformation, genre-wise.


I don’t think I’ve seen such a transition either, but it sure has been a heck of a ride!

Will you really do a barbeque for your fans if you hit a million sales? (I’m really trying to help you get there because your books make me hungry).

Absolutely. I’ll rent a hotel ballroom for the event and we’ll party!


Awesome.  I’ll be happy to lend my help setting it up if you need it.  Bricktown?

When do you plan to release the first book in your next series?

There is no firm date yet, but it will be May 2013 if everything goes according to plan.


I’m sure myself and a lot of other fans will be ready when it comes!



Thanks to Connie for answering all my questions.  It’s great to have her here today!  Below is some information about her and links to her books.  You can also read reviews I’ve written about her Blood Destiny series here and here.  Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win in her giveaway!



Connie Suttle author photoAUTHOR BIO:

I hate talking about myself. I’m older than I want to be, that’s certain. I’m married and have been (to the same man) for nearly 40 years. We have one child who lives out of state. Did I plan to be a writer? Not at first. The thing I always wanted to be, first and last, is a reader. As soon as I could string two letters of the alphabet together, I was a reader. I loved fiction, but read just about anything I could get my hands on. Did I begin to insert myself into the stories I read? You bet. Eventually, when the stories already written weren’t enough, I began making up stories in my head. I have no idea how many of those will never see the light of day because I didn’t write them down. You see–I was bored in class, bored at most of my jobs–they just weren’t as exciting as one might hope. The closest I ever came to having an exciting job was when I taught film production and animation classes at OU. I enjoyed working with the students and filmmaking/animation gave me a creative outlet.

Unfortunately, the teaching job was short-lived because I worked with actual film and hand-drawn animation, when the medium was rapidly transforming to digital. After I left OU, I got a job with Borders (the Bookselling entity that went belly up in 2011). I quit in 2007, when things started going downhill for the company.

I fully intended to get a desk job after I quit in July 2007, but not until after Christmas that year. After nearly eleven years with the company, I hadn’t taken Christmas off to spend with my family in all that time (A hazard of working retail). In November, 2007, my husband had an outpatient procedure that went horribly wrong. He spent 6 weeks in ICU, after almost dying twice. Afterward, we went through rehab, dialysis and a lot of other things that I really prefer not to talk about. I started writing seriously in my husband’s ICU room. Writing became an obsession, and one I don’t intend to give up. So far, I’ve published 21 books and the 22nd is almost ready.















*Note- These are listed in the order that each series was published.  Keep in mind they are tied together and for greatest enjoyment it is best to read them in order, but you could read each series separately if you really wanted to.  Due to the large number of books Connie has, only the first novel of each series is shown.  See her website or Amazon author page for a full listing.

Blood Wager book cover“I agree to pay Sergio Velenci one million pounds if the female takes less than nine days to fully turn.” Lissa’s life as a vampire begins on the day her husband is removed from life support. Turned by rogues who wager her life, Lissa is running from her maker who is determined to kill her, hunted by the Vampire Council who has branded her a rogue and blackmailed by werewolves, who utilize her newly developed talents for their own gain.


Bumble book cover“Ashe, no matter how hard he tried, couldn’t produce a single scale, feather, talon or patch of fur.”

In the paranormal community of Cloud Chief, Oklahoma, twelve-year-old Ashe Evans is a failure. Born to a shapeshifting mother and a vampire father, he should be passing his Transformational Arts classes easily. Sadly, Ashe can’t seem to become anything other than himself. Principal Billings, a werewolf, is threatening to send Ashe to a human school if he doesn’t transform soon. Ashe’s personal troubles are soon forgotten when a seventeen-year-old werewolf is found dead behind his rural home. Someone is killing those with ties to the human world and Ashe finds himself a target. Will he solve the mystery of the murders or will he become the killer’s latest victim?


Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Demon Lost book coverThe High Demon race is dying, and nothing short of a miracle will save it. Kifirin has promised to provide that miracle, in any way he can.

* * *

Reah has worked in the kitchens of her family’s restaurants since the age of eight. The only daughter among Addah Desh’s 27 children from eight wives, Reah has been ignored, belittled and abused all her life. When the conscription notice comes from the Regular Alliance Army, Reah is more than happy to report for duty in order to escape her family. Unfortunately, her liberation is short-lived…


Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Blood Double book coverComing soon in May of 2013.  For more information, visit this link.

~ by Suzie on April 10, 2013.

47 Responses to “Interview with author Connie Suttle and a giveaway!”

  1. I love everything that Connie Suttle has written. I’m planning to re-read all the books in preparation for Blood Double!

  2. Bricktown sounds like a great idea!

  3. I cannot wait for the next book. When ever i start reading one i struggle to put it down until i finish it, then im sad that i have 🙂

  4. Connie’s work is amazing and the speed with which she releases feeds my addiction.

  5. It’s good to read an interview with (I can honestly say now) my favourite author, and i doubt anyone will push her off down in that list. Connie is the best!! I cant wait to get my hands on “Blood Double”

  6. I am a huge fan of all of the books Connie has written. I reread them all (in order received) at least once a month and recommend them to all of the people I know with e readers (not enough of them yet) and am glad they are coming out in paperback, so I can tell more people ….. Thanx Connie!

  7. Super excited for God Wars! Thank you Connie Suttle for alot of hours to escape into your amazing books! I love them!

  8. I found the first book by browsing for free kindle books on amazon, I loved it so much I have bought all of her books.

  9. i love your books so much just wish i didnt read so fast as i can read one in a day 🙂

  10. I have enjoyed following along with the story lines that Connie has created…a world, or worlds that have been revealed are so amazing that I want to immerse myself in them and am enthusiastic in discovering more and more about the characters personalities, where they inhibit and am disappointed when I am finished…only to discover another book!

  11. I absolutely love every book Connie Suttle has written!! I am anxiously awaiting May for the new book of new series!!! Please keep them coming!!!

  12. I’ve read all of the books except for the Demon series- can’t wait to read those!! and can’t wait for Blood Double!

  13. i love knowing all the facts about the univerce and how it came about i hated that all the series ended because i could read about everyone for ever i am on egg shells for the next ones to come out

  14. The author has totally engaged & captivated me; This is rare and a total delight! What a treat.

  15. I love Connie Suttle. I have re-read Lissa’s story several times and it just doesn’t get old.

  16. I think Connie is the best fantasy/SF author ever. And her spelling, punctuation and grammar are faultless. I have read all of them several times. I’m looking forward very much to meeting her when she comes to the UK.

  17. Wonderful books, no matter what I’m reading at the time, when any of Connie’s books come out, I drop what I’m reading and read her new book.

  18. I have never read an author that captivates me from the very first book and holds my attention through the whole series. I like to say, I knew her when but I didn’t. lol Fantastic author and really interacts with her fans!!

  19. Connie Suttle is my absolute favorite author!!!

  20. what a wonderful interview- just love ms connie !!

  21. Their aren’t many authors whose books I can buy and know that I’ll enjoy it before I even know what it’s about. Connie Suttle is on that short list. I can’t wait for May.

  22. I adore the books 🙂 only happened across them in January this year and I’ve already read the blood destiny series 5 times the I’rindicti series 3 times and the High Demon series more times than I can count. Little bit obsessed with them and would like my own Larenti please 🙂 Bring on May!

  23. I love, looooove Connie’s book. But I always wait until I collect 3 books before start reading it. They always end with cliff hangers and her books have drug like effects – You crave and go thru withdrawal process whenever you don’t have more 😀

    • They are very addicting! I deal with it because she releases them so fast. Thank God she isn’t one of those authors that make you wait a year or more.

  24. Awesome world building. Looking forward to the next one.

  25. Love Connie & her books! She is such a beautiful person & gifted writer.I could not imagine not haveing had her impact or influence my life. I find myself at home in her characters lives, missing them between books & talking about them with anyone who will listen. ( not certifiable… Yet ;)) Anywho, the best part? Connie herself gives her fans as much attention as her books! Speaking from expierence, she spoils us rotten, & I for one could not more grateful. Thank you for the interview! I love all these insights & am glad to know a lil more about you!

  26. I have loved all of Connie’s books and will continue to read each and every one. She has wonderful fantasy worlds that I think anybody would love to be a part of!

  27. I have found much joy in reading Connie’s books. She really is an excellent author and provides her readers with good solid stories. After reading her first book, I was totally hooked for life. I deeply appreciate and love her books. Bright Blessings!

  28. Great interview – and I have Demon Lost on my April reading list!
    Oh, and don’t give up on the bullwhip. They sell smaller versions to learn with which aren’t too hard to handle. Of course, accuracy is always dicey, even with practice!

    • Debra, someday we are going to be in the same part of the country and we are going to raise some hell…with whips! In the meantime, get to reading Demon Lost. It’s awesome.

      • It’s going to be a Demon Lost weekend!
        I’ll let you know if I wind up down your way for work – although the airline may wonder why my carry-on is full of crops and whips.

        • Rofl! Well, if you happen to make a road trip instead of flying, use I-40. Oklahoma City is right along the way. Can’t miss it with all the road construction making a mess of things. Maybe we can encourage the workers to get it done faster…that might be fun *evil grin*

  29. I almost hate when Connie releases a new book because I know how soon I’ll devour it. And will then be left hungering for MORE!! I’ve been spoiled by her monthly output and now this longer wait has turned me gray! LOL Love and kisses, Connie. Here’s to the 1,000,000th sale coming real soon…

  30. I Love all of Connie’s books, whenever she says she’s got a new one on Amazon. I am there that night getting it. Kind of sad I wait wait wait for her next book. Then I get it and read it straight thru then its back to wait wait wait for the next one. I don’t mind (really) because her books are worth the wait.

  31. I have to say Thank-you to Connie. Because before I started reading her first book, I hated reading any book. But someone in my family gave me a gift card and I figured I should use it. And I got your book, after that i was instantly hooked. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Connie. I really can’t wait for your next book.

  32. I love everything that Connie has written, and have read them all! Thank goodness for my Kindle, lol. I can’t wait for “Blood Double”, I know it’s going to be just as fabulous as everything else.

  33. I love all of Connies books….. she is my favorite author…..

  34. I wish I still lived in OKC, if only so I could go to the BBQ in Bricktown, since I’ve been doing my best to help Connie reach 1 million in sales! I cannot wait for the first in the God Wars series to arrive.

  35. … Is it May yet?! 😛

    No other book seems to satisfy my appatite. Must have read the first chaptre of ten different books only to end up rereading blood destiny. Which BTW I love how Connie used many examples of this series in her interview but Lissa is definitely up there with the best female character, like, ever. Bella aint got nothing on her!

    On another note: I fly to Tenerife on 21st sooo hopefully books out before my long journey? 😛 Cheeky cheeky!

  36. I have always been a reader. Up until Connie’s books, I felt there was no reason ever to reread a book. I have reread the Blood Destiny series and plan on rereading the Ir’Indicti series before the first Blood Wars book. I really would like to know the secret of making these books so addicting…..

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