April 2013 Writing Contest Winner

Charity Parkerson- 1st Place Winner of Mistress’ April 2013 Writing Contest!

Charity Parkerson- 1st Place Winner of Mistress’ April 2013 Writing Contest!

We have a winner for this month’s writing contest.  All three of the finalist stories were truly entertaining.  I received some great feedback from the judges on them.  Only one could be chosen for first place, though.  Below are the voting totals from the seven judges who were able to participate.  One point was awarded for their first choice and half a point for their second choice:

Charity Parkerson:  5.5
Kristin Bush:  4
Regina Puckett: 1

Charity Parkerson is our official winner for this month with her fun story “A Piratey Potion”.  Please do congratulate her.  Those who have followed this contest for a while are aware she has won several times before with her entertaining stories.  It was great to see her win again with anonymous judges making the call this round.  She is also known for her erotic romance novels.  If you’d like to know more information about her and her books, please visit her blog here.  Her winning story will be posted below for those who missed it.

Our runner-up for this contest is Kristin Bush with her story “Hell’s Fire”.  Kristen is a new writer who has not posted her work before, but did an excellent job.  I hope she will continue writing in the future.  You can check out her entry at this link.

I am in the process of contacting the winner and runner-up at this time.  They will receive their gift cards in their email.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We had some awesome entries this month that certainly made this competition a nice one.

Unfortunately, this is the last writing contest that will be held for this blog.  I’ve really enjoyed holding these contests over the past two years and will be sad to seen them end, but I do have some fun ideas for the future.  Stay tuned to hear more about what is coming next.

Finally, here is the winning story:

A Piratey Potion

by Charity Parkerson

Thunder rumbled in the distance, warning of the upcoming storm. Randall stared out of the front window of his shop, Cruz Apothecary, watching as his fellow business owners scrambled to haul their sidewalk fare indoors.
In New Orleans, it was impossible to predict the pop-up thunderstorms that accompanied the heat of the summer. Personally, he loved the sounds and smells of such a storm, but then again, as a wizard, he didn’t sell his goods outdoors.
A flash of lightning lit up the sky, followed closely by a loud pop, almost as if someone had fired a pistol. The street plunged into darkness as the electricity failed against nature’s fury.
With a sigh, Randall lit a few candles and gave up any hope of doing business today. The fire danced above the wax sticks and bounced off the rainbow-colored bottles that lined the shelves, causing a twinkling light display to play upon the walls.
Randall allowed his mind to empty of all thought as he stared at the show. It wasn’t often that he was able to become one with his surroundings.
The bell jingled above the door, pulling him from his meditation, and his breath caught in his throat at the first sight of the beautiful woman.
Dressed in a yellow sundress that fell to her knees was a soaked red-haired goddess. The wet material hugged her every generous curve. She fought to close the umbrella that had only managed to keep her hair dry and nothing else. With a growl of frustration, she tossed it to the side.
“Bloody thing,” she cursed, glowering at the still open umbrella, and causing him to smile.
Her smooth foreign accent rolled over his skin. He couldn’t place the origin, but he loved it.

“Are you in need of shelter from the rain?”
At his question, she smoothed down the front of her dress as if attempting to remove invisible wrinkles, and only managed to draw his gaze to her hardened nipples. Tearing his eyes away, he made a valiant attempt to look her in the face.
“No, actually, I’m looking for a potion. I’m Rowena, by the way,” she added as she moved to shake his hand.
Randall found himself mesmerized by the way her lips shaped each accented word, and he tugged the lapels of his white lab coat closed with one hand to keep from embarrassing himself as he shook her outstretched hand with the other.
“I’m sorry. What did you say you were looking for?”
Her green eyes flashed with humor at his question as if she knew the effect she was having on him. “You know; a tonic, a brew, a remedy,” she expounded.
“Ah, well,” he said, clearing his throat. “You’ve come to the right place,” he answered, releasing her hand. “What concoction do you seek?” Randall asked, making his way over the laden shelves. “I have everything from pain relievers to protective spells.”
“Pirate removal,” she answered with a decisive nod.
“You wish to remove a pirate?” Randall asked, sounding like an idiot even to his own ears.
Rowena’s curly hair bounced and her dangling gold earrings moved in time with her head as she nodded. “Um-hmm, that’s what I said.”
“As in Blackbeard, sails unfurling, yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum?” Randall acted out his question with a bent elbow robot dance that ended with him standing like the captain on the front of his favorite brand of rum.
Rowena followed his motions with her eyes as if patiently waiting for his mind to catch up with the situation.
“Exactly,” she agreed. “I’m talking the whole ‘Where has all the rum gone?’, ‘scurvy dogs,’ and ‘argh,’” she said, ending with her finger curved like a hook.
Realizing that he was still standing like he had a little captain in him, he dropped his foot and shrugged. “Sure, I have a spell for that, but you’d need a witch or wizard to perform it for you.”
Randall took pride in his ability to spot another magical creature from a hundred feet away and he knew that this woman was no witch.
“Tell me what I need and let me worry about acquiring a spellcaster.”
Pushing his glasses up his nose, Randall inspected the woman closer. There was something about her. She wasn’t a witch but neither was she mortal. It was a puzzle.
“Let’s see,” he said, relenting. “Some acorn oil and Goldenseal for protection and luck,” he mused aloud as he collected the bottles and searched for more. “Monkswood to redirect your enemy and a lemon for cleansing.”
With all the items needed to perform the spell gathered in his arms, he headed toward the register. “Would you like a lime today also, to bring peace of mind?” he asked over his shoulder.
“No. I have everything that I need right here,” she answered, snagging the back of his coat. With a tiny nod of her head, Randall found himself moving through the realms. The smell of the sea and the taste of saltwater hit him before his vision cleared. Even with those details against him, he still held out hope that it wasn’t true, but when his feet touched the unsteady deck of an Argosy, he knew his worst fears were true. It seemed he was to be the final key in ridding Rowena of her troublesome pirate, he realized as the bright red coat, shiny black shoes, and silvery hook came into his line of vision. At least she had the decency to blush as he turned his accusing eyes her way.
“You could have, at the very least, allowed me to chop this lemon before expecting me to fight a damn pirate,” Randall growled under his breath.


~ by Suzie on May 1, 2013.

16 Responses to “April 2013 Writing Contest Winner”

  1. Nicely done, Charity. Lots of great talent in the contest this month. Congrats to, everyone!

  2. Aww, thanks guys! I’m so glad that you enjoyed my story and I had some tough competition. Everyone always does such a great job. Thank you, Suzie, for two years of entertaining competition. I’m sad to so the contest go, but understand how much work it must be on your part. I’m also very excited to see what plans you have for the future. 😀 ❤

    • I am glad you were there for so many of the contests, Charity, even when you weren’t eligible to win. It is hard to end them, but hopefully we’ll have more fun things to come. With me and my imagination, there is no telling!

  3. Congrats guys!! Especially my baby sister Kristin!! Love you and so Proud!!

  4. Loved the stories. Well done all three.

  5. Congratulations to all three finalists and thanks to Suzie who has put so much work into running these great contests.

  6. Congratulations Charity. You always do an outstanding job. I loved your story. Congratulations to you too Kristen. Your story was very entertaining too. Thanks Suzie for holding the contest. It’s always fun.


  7. […] that we’ve celebrated Charity’s big win with the April writing contest it is time to announce her latest book release for “Sinners of Water & Fire“.  […]

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