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I have an interview for you all today with Maria Hammarblad, a romance author.  While she writes in more than one genre, we will be focusing on her romantic suspense novel, Undercover, today.  Check out the fun questions I asked her below and all the details about her book!

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by Maria Hammarblad



*Note- my responses to Maria’s answers are in italics.

Tell us something dark about yourself.

During winter, the population of Florida increases with over a million people who come here to escape the snow. At least in Bradenton where I live, the infrastructure isn’t dimensioned for so many cars, and it’s chaos. A drive that usually takes ten minutes will suddenly take 40 because of all the traffic. I’m usually in a hurry, because I have a lot to do, and it drives me crazy. To make it even better, since these people don’t live here they generally don’t know where they’re going, and in the middle of winter there’ll be a couple of near accidents every day. I guess they forget to concentrate on what they’re doing. You know, they start veering over into the next lane, miss stop signs, and stuff like that. I’ll sit in my car, honk the horn, and yell to myself, “How the h… did you manage to get all the way here when you think the dotted line goes under the car?” You get the idea. It’s not pretty.


You would be amazed how often traffic comes up when I ask authors this question, lol.

You are on a deserted island and can only choose one beverage to have besides water.  What would it be?

I want to say something exciting like rum or wine, but to be honest… Coffee. Without caffeine I slow to a crawl and fall asleep.


You and me both!

If you had to choose between a bullwhip, cat o’ nine tails, or a crop, which would you pick?

Depends, am I the one suffering through a whipping or am I using the weapon? LOL! I’m wicked with a Katana, but that’s not a whip… Bullwhip. I’ll take the bullwhip.


Ahh, you must be able to take what you dish out!  Just kidding.  Here at Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path we enjoy torturing poor souls.  You’ll fit right in 🙂

What mythical creature would you be and why?

Oooh, good question. There are many I’d love to meet, but I don’t know if I want to be them. Sleipner, maybe. It would be cool to have eight legs and be able to run with them without stumbling.


Hmmm, I’m not going to ask how things go for you running on two legs then, lol.

What first inspired you to write your book?

Undercover? Jenny’s job is based on one of my old jobs. (That’s funny because some people say her job is so unrealistic, haha!) Anyway, one day we had little to do and I was kind of bored. I started thinking, “What if the next person who comes through the door is something he doesn’t appear to be… Like… A terrorist… No, not a terrorist, no one likes that. A James Bond kind of person. Yes, he’s an undercover spy. And he’d fall in love with her, and they’d have this intense romance, but he’d have to leave, of course.” And so on.


I like your way of plotting.  Just let the ideas roll.

How long did it take to research/write it?

I wrote on it in little bursts of enthusiasm from time to time, and in between it slumbered in my computer. So, a couple of weeks or a few years depending on point of view.


Hey, whatever works!

Give one unique fact about your novel that makes it different from the others in its genre.

The characters are flawed. They’re not entirely good or bad; they’re all just people muddling through, doing the best they can. The hero certainly isn’t a knight in shining armor, and the bad guys have reasons for doing what they do. Some readers love this, others absolutely hate it.


Sounds good to me.

What other books do you plan to publish in the future?

I have three lined up for 2013. June 21 will see the birth of Flashback. This is a contemporary romance about a war veteran who struggles with fitting into every-day society. He suffers horrifying flashbacks from his time in a POW camp, and is about to end it all. Luckily, he finds love in an unlikely place, and just as it seems as if everything will work out for him, his new wife is snatched away, kidnapped, right under his nose. In order to save her, he’ll have to face both real enemies and himself.

The next one after that is called Operation Earth, and will be released August 11. This is a science fiction novel about the Earth being invaded by alien forces. The heroine is pulled between her friends wanting her to join the resistance and make a stand, and her own notion that the invaders might not be so different from us after all.

And lastly, there will be a novella released November 1. My working name for it is “A Shadow of a Man” and this is number XII in Desert Breeze Publishing’s Borealis series. It’s a science fiction story. I’m not quite done with it yet, but I like the way it’s going this far.


Looks like you will be one busy writer.  I wish you the best with all your projects!



Thanks to Maria for joining me here today for the interview.  I really enjoyed her answers to my questions!  For everyone else, please check out the information on her and her book below.  Feel free to ask your own questions if you like.




When Jenny Moore meets Alexei Roshenko, it’s love at first sight. The tall, dark and handsome stranger appears to be the answer to every romantic fantasy any woman ever had. There is however more to him than meets the eye, and a dark and violent past is catching up with him. When Jenny decides to follow him back to Russia, she gets entangled in a web of deceit and secrets beyond her wildest imagination.



Maria Hammarblad

Genre: Romantic suspense Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-216-6 ASIN: B0098TGWTW
Word Count: 77000
Cover Artist: Gwen Phifer
Book Trailer:





When the wheels finally touched American soil, Jenny was both relieved and nervous. She was so happy to be home she could cry, at the same time as she fretted over his papers. They looked good but could hardly be real. Alex didn’t seem worried at all; he was the epitome of calm as they stood in the long line to the passport checkpoint.

Her own passport had been unused before this trip, and she opened it to look at the stamps. Alex bent over to kiss her on the cheek. He knew her well enough already to know what was on her mind. “Don’t worry, I do this all the time.”

The comment distracted her, and she thought he probably did it on purpose. She wanted to ask a million or so questions, but didn’t even lift an eyebrow. “I can’t wait to be home.”

Once they reached the counter, the woman sitting there hardly even looked at the photos. She threw one glance at their documents, gave them back, and yelled, “Next!”

They waited for the luggage for an eternity, and Jenny was nervous all the way through customs. She relaxed a little once they were well into the large airport, surrounded by Americans hurrying in all directions. The protection of being in the country was more imagined than real, but she was still happier. They walked slowly hand in hand with the suitcases rolling behind them like obedient dogs, and just seeing the crowds made her heart lighter.

She wondered if her lover would miss seeing and hearing his own language, and if he would miss his own people. He was stranded in a foreign country and culture with nothing but her, with an axe hovering over his head, and all this after knowing her for just a couple of months. Thinking about it made her feel incredibly guilty, and telling herself she couldn’t have done anything about it didn’t help at all.

Eventually, Alex stopped and pulled their bags up next to a wall. “Are you up for the drive home, or do you want to stay in a hotel tonight?”

She kept going because he did, but now when he said it, she was very tired. “I don’t know. It would be good to be home, but it seems so far away. What do you think?”

“Oh, I want to go somewhere and take all your clothes off, but what I want is not important. Your wish is my command, my sweet.”

It made her laugh. “So, a hotel it is.”

When they walked towards the exit, past one of the cafés, she saw a familiar face turn towards them. A smile played on the man’s lips. She had seen him not all that long ago, on the other side of the world, in Alex’s apartment. He met her eyes, and she said, “Ignore him.”

They walked right past the old man. “They’ve been with us all the way. One would think people would have something better to do.”

She hadn’t seen anyone else, but if he said they had been there, they were there.




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Maria Hammarblad _1AUTHOR BIO:

Born in Sweden in the early 1970’s, Maria showed a large interest for books at an early age. Even before she was able to read or write, she made her mom staple papers together into booklets she filled with drawings of suns and planets. She proudly declared them, “The Sun Book.” They were all about the sun. She also claimed, to her mother’s horror, that her being on Earth was a big mistake and that her alien family would come and bring her home at any moment. This never happened, but both the interest in space and the passion for bookmaking stayed with her.

As an adult Maria’s creativity got an outlet through playing bass in a number of rock bands, and through writing technical manuals and making web pages for various companies and organizations. She did write drafts for a few novels, but the storytelling muse was mostly satisfied through role playing online on Myspace. It was here, while writing stories together with people from around the globe, she stumbled onto Mike. They started talking out of character, and she moved over to Florida to him late 2008. Today the two are married and live in the Tampa Bay area with three rescue dogs.

Besides writing and playing bass, Maria enjoys driving off-road, archery, and Tameshigiri.


Upcoming releases

Flashback, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing June 2013

Operation Earth, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing August 2013

Borealis XII, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing November 2013


Fun Facts

Favorite color:             Blue

Favorite food:              Chicken with cashew nuts

Doesn’t eat:                  Mammals

Favorite TV Show:       Star Trek TNG and Leverage

Favorite animal:           Border Collie

Quotes:                        “Full Speed Ahead” and “Caffeine is good for you”


Find Maria on the web






Publisher’s website

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