Author Interview with Melissa Craig plus a giveaway!

Today I am excited to present you all with an interview with erotica writer Melissa Craig.  She kindly agreed to be here today to talk about her herself and her books.  She has a weekly podcast radio show she co-hosts with Charity Parkerson where she regularly interviews other authors.  Now I’m turning the tables on Melissa and putting her in the hot seat.

Check out all she has to say below and see the info on her books.  I’ve read one of them myself, Plentiful Package, and really enjoyed it.  Talk about steamy!  Plus you can’t find a more dirty and erotic sounding title than that.  Except maybe with the names of her other books.  I know I can’t wait to read more from her.  As a bonus she is giving away one ebook, readers choice, for one of her novels to a random commenter.  Don’t miss your chance to win.  You’ll have until Tuesday night at midnight (CDT) to enter.





*Note- my responses to Melissa’s answers are in italics.

Tell us something dark about yourself.

Oh, something Dark…interesting…You may not think it is dark, but I can’t help myself; I have to do it… Whenever I’m not writing I have to explore… it is like an addiction, a moment I have to be alone for… The phone will not be answered; my twitter followers will be neglected. I will be on the prowl soaking up the knowledge from the thing in front of me… Yes the information will be imbedded in my mind, into the dark place. I thrive for more and once I start I can’t stop devouring it bit by bit, piece by piece. I buy books about men’s sexuality, sex life, men’s insecurities, sexology and more.  I know what to say, what point to touch, how to build that desire and set up that obstacle that will heighten eroticism at every turn. My forbidden fruit.


Um, I think you’re the first person to answer this question and make it sound like the audience should go off and be alone for a bit.  Give me a moment and I’ll return for the next question…

…okay, I’m back.  Sort of.

You are on a deserted island and can only choose one beverage to have besides water.  What would it be?

I would normally say Nespresso coffee, but then I would need electricity, milk and coffee pods… mmm it would have to be never ending cans of Coke and hopefully the island has a beautiful fresh water cold swimming hole.


I’ll consider granting that swimming hole.  Um, wait.  Now that sounds dirty.  Good grief this erotica stuff is contagious!

If you had to choose between a bullwhip, cat o’ nine tails, or a crop, which would you pick?

Of course it would have to be the CROP… giddy up horsey break those capillaries baby.


Hmmm, your co-host, Charity, chose the crop as well.  What are you two doing on Skype when you’re not recording???

What mythical creature would you be and why?

I would be the Phoenix as I think they are amazing birds in color and beauty. I love how a single tear is so pure that it is capable of producing extreme healing powers, and they would never kill or crush a single living thing.


Not quite what I expected but a good answer, though I think you’d make a great nymph as well  🙂

Which of your characters do you wish you could meet in real life and what would you like to do to…um, I mean with them.

I want to meet Jenna from the Simply Breathtaking Series. I think we would get on well, very well. Hello… she’s hot… skips to the other side for a bit…maybe…look to the ground shifting feet from side to side… Hehe…. What would I do…? I would sit her down on the edge of the bed, get down onto my knees. I would allow the moment to intensify and my hands moist, about to touch her… oh a nervous shudder would be felt the instant I made contact with her smooth shoulders. I would gaze up into her eyes, take a deep breath and say “Why the fuck are you so hung up on Andy? He’s a lothario.”


Now that would be one conversation I’d love to sit in on!

What first inspired you to write your book(s)?

Umm… the men that played on my mind had to be shared…wipe the drool off your face Suzie, no, no you missed a bit. LOL… Seriously the character, Juan from ‘Ample Attraction’ kept playing on my mind… I couldn’t stop thinking about him and his lips… I actually started wondering if I knew Juan as I was lusting after him…Nope, my author friend Jennifer Stevenson told me I had a story and I should write it down. I felt like I was going crazy…apparently it was normal to feel that way (I had no idea). I would not have published ‘Plentiful Package’ if it wasn’t for Jen so she became my mentor.


Mistress of the Dark Path NEVER drools…except maybe when she is staring glancing at your book covers.

How long does it usually take to research and write it/them?

Plentiful Package only took two months from the moment Juan popped into my mind. However I sat on it for six months double guessing myself. Since then I do research a lot of men’s thoughts and behavior patterns and sexology etc.  I would say that ‘Ample Attraction’ if it was
in a block would have taken me six months to write. But ‘My Package of Paradise’ was in a day. I stayed up until 5 am as the story was so strong. So each story is different.


So where exactly is your free hand when you’re doing all this research?  Doing more research?  *knowing grin* 

Give one unique fact about your novel(s) that makes it/them different from the others in the genre.  

My books are based in Australia, inspired by the tropical rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. At least one of my characters is Australian in each book, if not all… especially the Simply Breathtaking Series. Who doesn’t like an erotica with hot tan bodies and no shirts on, yes men and women…?


What was that you said after no shirts on?  My train of thought got lost.

What other books do you plan to publish in the future?

I need to get my butt moving as I have been so busy with radio and TV social media stuff. I wanted to get five stories out this year, but I think it may only be four. I know, guys, I am sorry. I will try very hard to get the next short story for the Run series out as well. Fingers crossed I do.  In order of release 2013:

Novel length – ‘The Unblemished Librarian’, Novelette – ‘The Pleasures of the Professor’, Book 3 of Simply Breathtaking Series Novel – ‘Majestic Males’.  Plus I will be releasing a short story with Charity Parkerson in the: Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson Do Dallas. My short story is called ‘Nothing Innocent’.


“Release” mmm.  I got lost once again on the title “Majestic Males” only to be lost again on “Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson Do Dallas”.  The thoughts that run through my head with those kinds of titles.  Not sure it’s appropriate even for this blog.



Thanks to Melissa for answering all my questions and doing it in a rather entertaining way.  I can’t imagine erotica fans not wanting to read your books after hearing responses like that.  I know I need to pick up another of your books soon!  For everyone else, below you’ll find some more information about Melissa and her work.  Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win in her giveaway!



Author photoAUTHOR BIO:

I awake every morning to have my nespresso as it helps me function for the rest of the day.

Yes function, so I can write EROTICA. Yep, writing about men’s hard bodies is a hard job, but someone has to do it. My heart always pumps at double speed. Blood rushes to every nerve in my body and I am parched constantly. Writing makes me swallow hard and lick my lips. I feel little trickles of sweat in places I didn’t know possible.

See writing EROTICA is like doing a cardio work out. Okay! Now I’m panting. I need to get back to writing more stories for you.

P.S. I love the beach. And I want to help you feel the sand between your toes in the Simply Breathtaking Series with a kite surfer, lifeguard and a scuba dive instructor. Based on an island in The Great Barrier Reef.

Enjoy my stories any way you can. And I mean it…ANYWAY!

You can find her at:




Book Kinokuniya Sydney
Booktopia Sydney
Amazon Page
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository (has free world wide delivery)




Deena Plentiful_Package_Cover_for_Kindle-1BOOK SUMMARY:

Book one of Simply Breathtaking Series
# 2 Hottest Reads in Erotica (Paperback, US)
#32 Best Sellers list in Erotica (Paperback. US)
#70 Best Sellers in Erotica (Kindle, France)
#15 Best Smut Books

This Novella is the first in the Simply Breathtaking Series. It involves Jenna Trilby and the stupendous men in her life. She is surrounded by hot beautiful men every day. Poor thing! Hehe.
A sexually deprived boss and her HOT, sexy, heart pounding Australian kite surf instructor – Andy Zuco. Andy is saucy, delicious and astonishingly beautiful. He knows how to have a good time and it drives Jenna crazy. Set on a beautiful island in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. His hard six pack abs never go unnoticed.
Jenna catches him having sex while on duty. Revealing more of Andy than she has ever seen before. Her nerve endings are zapping, endorphins pumping. Just like Andy pumps Suzie. Jenna is hungry for him. The thrill of being caught watching them excites her. Until their gazes collide.
Jenna is torn between being his boss, or personal play toy. Find out how Jenna deals with Andy, and his remarkable hard sculptured body. Will she succumb to satisfying her wildest of dreams with the ultimate ladies man?


The Pleasures of the ProfessorBOOK SUMMARY:

Rick has worked hard to reach his position of professor. He is quiet, overworked and an upstanding citizen; a shining example and the most successful in his field. Rick is all that and more.

He truly believes that behind every good man is a good woman. A woman who can harness the power that lies within him. A woman who has power over his body and soul. A woman who has a magical touch that transports him from his serious everyday life, makes his breath hitch and stimulates his senses.

Logan has stroked his flame of desire and has done things that no-one else has done. She has a way of making him feel free from the world of academic tedium he lives in. She is sexy, spontaneous, sensual and his Logan Sapphire. She has the hue, saturation and the tone of the most exquisite gem.

Rick would sacrifice anything for Logan as she is the one person who can entice him to forget the real world and the expectations that weigh heavily on him. He feels understood by her and she penetrates deep within his mind. She is his sanctuary.


The Unblemished Librarian coverBOOK SUMMARY:

My new erotica novella will be released in winter 2013.

The male character is Boyd and he is a typical bad boy who works behind the bar at a strip club and… um. Sorry, distracted by a naked butt. What? I am human. It caught my eye is all. Oi…not a real one. I mean it is real. I mean not before me, in 3D form… however I am sure I could arrange one… Yes I know I have some drool at the corner of my mouth. I glanced at the cover, okay!

What was I saying? Hmmm Boyd the Bad Boy and his buff blessing of a body. Yes, got it. He is bold, boastful, beautiful, blazing and blemished, but do you blame him? Bountiful beauties with beaming breasts by his side each night. He works at a strip club, find out how The Unblemished Librarian fits in. LOL.





The Strip Club

Boyd looked at the time and sighed. It was only 9:30 pm, but the bar was already full. He looked around at the men perving at the topless bar maids with ravenous smiles that he saw night after night. Smiles powered by the freedom to look, admire and dominate, the freedom to live out their erotic dreams with the ultimate bad girls. It was a typical Wednesday night at the strip club. Cheap beer brought in all walks of life to watch the girls perform.

“It’s going to be a busy one,” Boyd remarked to Amy before downing his scotch.

He stood with one hand on the bar, allowing his eyes to hungrily roam over the bodies of Candy, Candice and Crystal from their toes up. He smiled, besotted by their sexiness that was only enhanced by their red platform shoes. Fond memories flooded his mind as they took center stage for a triple strip show and the thoughts of how those legs had wrapped around him the night before enticed him. Unable to pull his eyes away he watched the pieces of clothing peeled away to reveal supple flesh. The girls removed each item seductively, like their performance was meant for him and him alone. Boyd was hot under the collar and stiff in the groin. He took a deep breath. The nervous flutters in his stomach intensified with anticipation. What things are to come tonight? He wondered.

Like every other man in the room, his shaft started overtaking his common sense and he forgot about his bar duties. Boyd could recall exactly how each girl looked, felt and…Wow, the last few days have been wild, he thought, recalling each of their tasty delights. The words sweet, smooth and divine came to mind.

Boyd licked his lips, taking a deep breath as he watched Candy-the cutest blonde he knew. He had explored every crumb of her girly flaps, and his cock throbbed as a gush of ecstasy coursed through him. Boyd knew he had the best job ever, even though it was often hard to concentrate. He shook his head mentally trying to focus on things, other than their past nights together. Boyd clenched his jaw tightly, trying to control his urgent need of a delicacy. He found it difficult to watch Candy rub her cooch up and down the pole in her itty bitty G-string without wishing she was mimicking it on his baton. He turned his attention back to the bar, under duress, away from the bountiful beauties on stage.

Boyd knew he had a lot to offer compared other guys he had seen. He knew his cock was bigger and bolder than the average man and loved how every girl’s eyes widened when they first saw it. He smirked at the thought of his achievements in the sex department as of late. But the three girls had done so much for him and he wanted to do something special in return. He knew he wouldn’t care if he had to humiliate himself to please them. It would not be humiliating if it had the potential to create a once in a life time event.

“God she’s a stunner,” Boyd said aloud, knowing that no one would hear him over the throbbing beat of the music. He looked over every inch of Candy’s assets before stopping at her perky boobs. Tomorrow, Kama Sutra book,” he told himself, captivated by her beauty. His erogenous zones responded when her dark brown nipples became rigid. To see her stroke her nipple before gliding her hand down into her panties had him practically drooling, and a bucket full at that. Boyd wanted to make a meal out of her right away. He wanted to jump the bar and taste her warm juices again. He wanted to grasp her nipples and squeeze them, knowing that her small breasts were more sensitive than Candice’s or Crystal’s.

Boyd stood still, unable to move. He had been astounded by Candy’s moans of pleasure and he hardened at the thought. Candy had swung herself around the pole and upside-down, eying him the whole time. The head of his cock throbbed in excitement, but was unable to reach its full potential in his tight jeans. He had watched the girls perform night after night, as police women or nurses, stripping down to the bare essentials. Boyd knew that they loved having a power over him, knowing he watched them, but could do nothing about it until the end of their shift. His yearning drove him wild.

Candy was different to the others. She hadn’t had a boob job or become hooked on Botox beauty treatments. It’s only a matter of time, he thought sadly. Bigger boobs earned more, but Candy was still his favorite. She had plenty of vigor stored up for him after performing. He took delight in her healthy and enjoyable form of recreation. Most of the time Boyd was on the receiving end, but he never complained. Only a fool would complain about being with a gorgeous woman who couldn’t contain her eagerness for sex.

All the girls at the club kissed him with intensity when they greeted him, so Boyd was on a natural high most of the time. He was like their own personal body-guard, come man whore. Boyd never had to go without sex. All his dreams had come true and he was going to enjoy it any way he could.

He poured another drink order for Amy. She stood in front of him with her E size breasts, her nipples covered with tiny pink tassels and a matching pink G-string. He suddenly remembered his first day, only six months before. He had been so on edge, unable to concentrate on anything except the girls. He still remembered how sweaty his palms had been. Most of his tips had gone towards replacing the glasses he had dropped every time his cock reacted to the girls bending over or spreading their legs wide in their opening night position.

Boyd snorted at how naive and embarrassed he had been. He recalled how his breath caught in the back of his throat every time one of the girls had approached him. He had started as a sweet next door sort of boy, but now he was a man who held his own.

The girls still raised a woody out of him, but he became accustomed to the daily exposure to gorgeous big boobs and tight bodies. He was even glad his vessel didn’t throb as much. That was until Candy had started. He loved watching her take a shallow breath when he winked at her. Will I ever get tired of this? He wondered and continued getting organized for the influx of punters who would want drinks as soon as the performance finished.

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  1. Bwahaha Suzie you are a classic. Love you, your answers and well… you know. *wink* talk on Skype soon baby… *tapping crop on hand*

  2. Reblogged this on Melissa Craig – Erotica Author and commented:
    Love ‘The Mistress of the Dark Path Blog’ in the United States and I thank her for the great interview. Yay! It’s the first time I have had to answer questions like that… *waggles eyebrows* awesome questions Suzie (shhh don’t tell anyone, but man she made me think on the question: Tell us something dark about yourself). I loved that I surprised her…in a good way of course. However, my favourite response from Suzie was this: “Um, I think you’re the first person to answer this question and make it sound like the audience should go off and be alone for a bit.” Now if that isn’t a noble prize erotica quote I don’t know what is. hehehehe. Thanks Babe and enjoy it any way you can!
    Check out my Interview, my new excerpt, new covers and a book giveaway. The excerpt is from “The Unblemished Librarian”.
    P.s. Also the book cover and blurp for “The Pleasures of the Professor” is on it as well. See why I love Musings of the Mistress. She is mysterious, marvellous and loves a mouthful… of words…tut tut… get your mind out of the gutter… really… as if ‘I’ would say she likes a mouthful of…. Bwahaha…
    Mwah…Better get back to it…

  3. Awesome interview!! You ladies rock! Gorgeous picture Melissa, you look amazing 🙂

  4. Snicker. You cannot say, in the context of this interview ‘he was a man who held his own’. 🙂
    Entirely the wrong image for Boyd. Great covers and interesting excerpt.

  5. Ooo, the research. It’s the best part of the job 🙂 Great interview – I loved Plentiful Package, and look forward to reading more!

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