Blog Tour for Tales of Frewyn by Michelle Franklin

Today I have a romantic fantasy series for you all by Michelle Franklin.  Tales of Frewyn is an ongoing saga where the author posts updates to it regularly online.  For those who would like to follow along on a magical adventure, this might be worth checking out.  As a bonus, Michelle is giving away one eCopy of the series (volume one) and a Frewyn prayer bead bracelet from Oak & Ivy.  Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter.


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by Michelle Franklin


Tales from Frewyn v01BLURB:

The Haanta Series is the longest, ongoing, online
romantic fantasy series. Thousands of readers visit the world of the Two
Continents to enjoy the daily short stories featuring all their favorite
characters from the Haanta Series novels. In between the business of the books,
the commander, Rautu, Otenohi, Unghaahi, Leraa, Kai Linaa and Alasdair enjoy
some time together in Diras Castle, but as the stories portray, mischief lies
in every corner of the keep where spiders, chocolate pies, petulant giants and
grouchy cooks abound.


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From the short story “The Doormat”

They walked to the marketplace in search of a resolution to their shared problem and it was not long before they found it in the front window of the thatcher’s. The commander was the first to notice it and laughed as she drew her mate’s attention to a thatched mat comprised of dry grass. The object itself was hardly amusing but the phrase written upon it was. The words ‘go away’ were scorched into the mat’s surface, and upon remarking the mat, the commander thought instantly to take it home.

“I daresay this was made for you, Iimon Ghaala,” she laughed, pointing at the mat in the window.

Rautu hummed in approval and gave his mate a small smile. “We will have this for our home, woman,” he demanded.

The giant pushed his mate into the shoppe and encouraged her to purchase two of the same mat: one for the front of their residence and one for the entrance to their bedchamber. She attempted to tell him that there was no need for a second when the one to be placed outside the main room was enough, but Rautu proclaimed that though the mat at the door would succeed in keeping Alasdair and the Herald away, it would fail in keeping Otenohi from entering.

“Your brother will enter any room he pleases, regardless of what message he is given,” the commander said as they left the thatcher’s. “You realize this shall only give him cause to invade our home with even greater frequency than he does already.”

“If he disregards this message,” Rautu said, pointing to words on the mat, “Then I will take his infiltration as a challenge.”

“And, alas, nothing will have changed.”

Rautu humphed and wore a look of complacence until they returned to the keep. He debated whether he should not place the mat at the entrance to the stairs leading to the commons to make the message even more prevalent to those who sought to ascend the steps and disturb them with a visit, but he resolved that this would only give the herald an excuse to differ his visits. He placed it at the foot of the commons door, inspected its appearance numerous times, shifted it a few inches to the left and declared himself pleased with their new acquisition, treating the mat with a gratified nod.

“Now you have no need to shout at the herald,” said the commander. “You need only direct your friend’s attention to the mat, and your demands should be instantly conveyed. How convenient.” She demonstrated her assertion by imitating the giant’s firm scowl and stabbing her finger toward the mat with a stomp of her foot. Her mate, however, was hardly amused and glossed over her mockery by performing the very same actions while demanding she place the second mat inside. She paused and gave the object a thoughtful look. “Perhaps we should place this one in front of the larder, so that others should be wary of entering your precious trove.”

The suggestion was hardly done when the giant took the mat from her hands and did exactly as she proposed. He hastened down the steps and into the kitchen, whereupon he found Martje entering the larder to fetch some butter from the storeroom. Rautu blocked her passage, placed the mat at his feet, and pointed to it while giving the cook a sharp glare.



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Michelle Franklin is a small woman of moderate consequence who writes many, many books about giants, romance, and chocolate.






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