Book Blitz for Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee w/review

Today I have a paranormal romance for you all, Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, that just released with Entangled Press last month.  It’s a fun and hot read that is ideal for PNR lovers who want something they can probably finish in one evening.  Check out all the book details below, as well as my review, for more information.  As a bonus, the author is offering a $10 Amazon gift card to one random commenter during the blitz.  Be sure to click on the rafflecopter link below to enter.



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by Tiffany Allee



Alice Shepard needs one thing: a date for her sister’s wedding. And not just any date. A hunk who will make her fiancé rue the day he left her for her best friend. Her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor fits the bill—even if he is a bit quirky and never comes out during the day—and Alice has downed just enough appletinis to ask him. But she makes it quite clear that there will be no funny business.

Spending a week on a cruise ship full of humans while sleeping close to his sexy next-door neighbor sounds like a helluva bad idea to vampire Noah Thorpe. But his friends need time to get him out of a shotgun wedding—a vampire bonding that will tie his fate to a female vampire he’s never met. And Alice’s offer comes at just the right time.

What could possibly go wrong?


Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid
A Sons of Kane Novel
Tiffany Allee

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Date of Publication: 5/27/13

ISBN: 9781622668045

Number of pages: 209
Word Count: Appx 64k
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde



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“That sounded like it hurt,” he said, kneeling in front of her and taking her foot into his hand.

“It’s fine. I’m just a klutz.” Her toe throbbed slightly, calling her a liar with every beat of her pulse.

He grinned at her red toe. “You didn’t seem like a klutz on the volleyball court today. I think you were trying to hide your blush. No doubt, terribly perverse thoughts about me were flying through your head.”

She gaped at him.

“Your toe is fine,” he announced, but he didn’t release her foot. He looked up and met her eyes, and the intensity of his gaze swept over her. Desire hit her like a bag of bricks, a swift blow that robbed her of her breath and made her whole body ache.

“I was thinking no such things,” she said, wishing her breathlessness didn’t give her away.


“We aren’t right for each other. And what happened last night isn’t happening again.” It wasn’t. It couldn’t. There was no way she’d be able to stop things again like she did the night before. Not if he kept looking at her like that. And he was a vampire, just like Olivia. And she’d run off after swearing to love her brother forever. What would stop Noah from doing the same? Vampires weren’t normal people. She had to remember that.

“You’re right. We aren’t right for each other.”

Anger flashed through her, fanning her desire in a most annoying way. The greatest defense is a good offense. “We’re not. In fact, I can’t think of anyone less suitable for me.”

“Oh?” He quirked an eyebrow at her and she ignored it. How could he look so scrumptious and be so annoying at the same time?

“No. Besides, I’m not looking to be tied down.”

A feral grin blossomed on his face. “Don’t worry, Miss Shepard, if I tied you down I’d be sure to untie you in the morning.





Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid hooked me at the start.  There was something really endearing about Alice and her hunt for a date so she wouldn’t have to show up for her sister’s wedding alone.  Most of us have had to attend a big event in our lives at some point where we didn’t want to go alone.  Watching her try to work up the courage to ask her hunky neighbor, Noah, made for a fun intro.

Little did she know he was a vampire with his own problems.  Noah has to get out of town fast to avoid his own wedding and going with Alice to her sister’s turns out to be the best solution.  Not that he agrees to it too easily.  Expect their relationship to develop with a lot of twists and turns.  Some of them are slightly predictable, but many aren’t. I enjoyed watching how Alice and Noah interacted with each other.  They had real chemistry and the intimate scenes were hot.

I will say that though the early part of the novel had me excited, the middle sagged a little as it felt a smidgen too much like filler material rather than story progression.  It wasn’t too bad since this isn’t a super long read and once I got to the last third of the book I was at the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all work out.

The ending had some unexpected humor and a sweet resolution, which was great.  The ex-fiance issue didn’t get resolved to my satisfaction, but at that point I didn’t care too much because everything else got tied up neatly.  This was a fun read and well worth the time.  Tiffany Alle has a light and humorous way of writing that will certainly keep most readers entertained.  Definitely a great pick for PNR lovers.  Four whips for Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid!








Note- I was provided a free ecopy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.




Tiffany_Allee_BWAUTHOR BIO:

CPA-turned-romance-author Tiffany Allee used to battle spreadsheets in Corporate America, and now concentrates on her characters’ battles to find love. Raised in small-town Colorado, Tiffany currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, by way of Chicago and Denver. She is happily married to a secret romantic who tolerates her crazy mutterings.

She writes about ass-kicking heroines and the strong heroes who love them. Her work includes the suspense-driven From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series which revolves around a group of paranormal cops solving crimes and finding love, and Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, a lighthearted paranormal romance (Entangled Publishing).






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  2. Sounds like fun! How come I never had a hot neighbor to drag to a wedding? Sounds a lot more fun than the last moment dates I wound up with 🙂

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