Blog tour for How (not) to Kiss a Toad by Elizabeth A Reeves w/interview

I have a fun contemporary fantasy romance for you all today.  Check out the interview with the author and all the details on the book.  This looks like a great novel to try.  As a bonus, the author will be giving away the following the items below.  Be sure to click on the rafflecopter link for your chance to win.

3 copies of How (Not) to Kiss a Toad

3 copies of How (Not) to Kiss a Prince

3 copies of How (Not) to Kiss a Beast– Advanced copies


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How to Not Kiss a Toad Banner 450 x 169



by Elizabeth A. Reeves



Tell us something dark about yourself.

My brother used to call me Morbidda. I guess I don’t have the usual fear of things like death and darkness. I can see the delicate beauty of such things. I’m not sure that I’m actually morbid, but Death is not the worst thing possible in my eyes. I am definitely attracted to things other people aren’t—I love spiders and snakes and the twist of dead branching reaching against the sky. I crave beauty—and beauty can be found in all things.


You are on a deserted island and can only choose one beverage to have besides water.  What would it be?
Dr. Pepper. What can I say, I’m hooked! It’s completely against my whole food ethic, too. Dr. Pepper would be my Achilles’s heel.

If you had to choose between a bullwhip, cat o’ nine tails, or a crop, which would you pick?
A crop. I’m a rider, after all. 😉
What mythical creature would you be and why?
A dragon. I used to have this reoccurring dream about an ice dragon breaking through the earth, telling me that she was my mother and my destiny. Something about that still calls to me. If I wasn’t a dragon I would be a selkie. Supposedly I am of selkie blood anyway.

What first inspired you to write your book?
When I was pregnant with my son I couldn’t eat and I was miserably sick. I ended up watching what my sister-in-law refers to as ‘pregnant woman porn’—the Food Network. I kept coming up with twists on all the desserts I saw. I knew exactly what I would do if I was in that position. That’s how Cindy Eller was born.

How long did it take to research/write it?
I sat on the idea for a couple months, but sat down and wrote it in one fell swoop over one month. It was pretty exhausting. I bled my brain dry creatively, but it was also exhilarating.

Give one unique fact about your novel that makes it different from the others in its genre.
The stand-out would be the food. My main character is a Magical baker with a gift for decadent desserts.

What other books do you plan to publish in the future?
I have a YA series in the planning stage called Earth’s Daughters. I’m also coming out with the fourth Cindy Eller and second Goldie Locke books.



Thanks to Elizabeth for joining me here today with this interview.  She had some great answers to my questions!  For everyone else, please check out all the information on her and her books.  Feel free to ask your own questions if you have any.



How not to kiss a toad coverBLURB:

Cindy Eller is a witch with a gift for creating decadent desserts highlighting the exotic and spicy flavors of her native Southwest. However, life isn’t always sweet for this magical baker. All her life she’s been cursed– every man she’s ever kissed has turned into a toad. Love isn’t likely to come her way, she knows.

If that weren’t a big enough problem, her ‘curse’ has come to the attention of the Council of Magic and she may never be able to use her powers.

Enter the perfect man– handsome, sweet, and loves food just as much as Cindy does. It would seem to be a match made in Heaven, or is it?

Cindy isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

With toads, cupcakes, romance, magic and ice cream, life never has time to get dull!


How (Not) to Kiss a Toad
Cindy Eller Book One
Elizabeth A Reeves

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Paranormal
Number of pages: 314
Word Count: 51,638

Cover Artist: Angela Nelson





author pic for Elizabeth ReevesAUTHOR BIO:

Legend has it that Elizabeth A Reeves was born with a book in her hands and immediately requested a pony. Though this story is questionable, it is true that books and horses have been consistent themes in her life. Born in Massachusetts, she was quickly transplanted to Arizona by a professor father and creativity-driven mother, who is the one responsible for saying “If you can’t find a book that you want to read, write a book you want to read.”

In her spare time, she likes to knit, weave, hatch chickens, and chase after her husband and four sons.


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