Review of Devil’s Paw by Debra Dunbar

I’m still getting caught up on reviews I’ve posted to Goodreads but haven’t had a chance to post here.  Devil’s Paw is the fourth installment of the Imp series that released back in August.  I’ll be posting a review for the fifth book sometime soon as well.  For those who haven’t read this series, you really should.  You can refer back to my review of the first two books here to see what it’s all about.


Devil's PawSummary from Amazon:

For once no one wants to kill Samantha Martin. She’s free to do all the things a mischievous imp loves to do- like remove all the county speed limit signs, and wrap City Hall in crime scene tape. Her only worry beyond organizing the delivery of her boyfriend’s birthday present, is writing those pesky four nine five reports for the Ruling Council of Angels. But imps can never stay out of trouble for long.

Demon corpses have been found drained of all energy, their spirit selves ripped clean from their bodies. Sam’s angel, Gregory, considers her a prime suspect, so when an angel is discovered dead in the same manner, he drags her to Seattle and Juneau to try to clear her name. The race is on to find the murderer before Sam’s secret is exposed and she’s blamed for the deaths. But is a devouring spirit really the killer, or is there more to the deaths than either Sam or Gregory suspect?


My Review:

This is the fourth book in the series and possibly the best yet. I couldn’t put Devil’s Paw down except to sleep (though not until 6am), it was that good. Debra Dunbar has done an impressive job of developing her demon imp character into a person the reader can sympathize with, despite her naughty ways. Sam grows with every book as she tries to balance the good and bad sides of her. All the supporting characters continue to help flesh her out as well, but I love her interactions with Gregory the most. The push-pull between them is enough to keep a romance reader rooting for them.

The action and suspense in this latest installment was great as well. I was left wondering who was behind the mysterious deaths and the journey to finding that out took a lot of twists and turns. For the most part, the plot is solved in the end, but you’ll certainly be waiting impatiently for the next book. There’s still more to learn about this world and who the bad guys really are.

I highly recommend this series.  Five whips for Devil’s Paw!


~ by Suzie on December 15, 2013.

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