Review of Ample Attraction by Melissa Craig

Some of you may remember the interview I did with erotica author Melissa Craig back in May.  If not, you’re welcome to jump back to it here (be warned that the talk gets a wee bit dirty).   Anyway, I read her first book awhile back and enjoyed it, but waited until I got to the second before writing a review.  It went up on Goodreads and is a part of the August books I’m still trying to get posted here.  If you enjoy smutty books, be sure to check out what I have to say about Ample Attraction below because it was a fun novel to read!


bookcoverpreview-ample-attraction1-blog-photoSUMMARY FROM AMAZON:

Hmmm…Honey it’s hot, horny, hard, humungous, hankering and Hands – On. Do I really need to say anymore? Ample Attraction is book two of the Simply Breathtaking Series. Set on an island in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It revolves around Jenna and the stupendous men in her life. Jenna had eyes only for Andy in Plentiful Package, but it’s a new day. She wants more than one – Ample. She is seething, lusting and caught wanting the man that can bring her to the point of no return. HOT Graphic Sexual Details.




This is a continuation of the first novel, Plentiful Package. If you thought the first book was hot, then be prepared for the heat level to rise even more for this steamy erotica series. It starts off right where the story left off and shows Jenna trying to figure out what she’s going to do now that she’s finally slept with her long-time friend and crush, Andy. Nothing is ever simple, though. Her first love comes into town and wants to spend time with her while he’s there and her other friend, Ryan, is finally wanting to make his interest known. She’s got her hands “full” between so many men and no idea how to handle them.

I’ll say right off that you shouldn’t expect this to be a normal romance. It’s erotica and it’s going to stretch a lot of boundaries (or just leap right over them). Jenna does a lot of playing around and experimenting that may be uncomfortable for some readers. There are many terms in this novel to describe male and female parts that are not commonly used either. This could be off-putting to some readers. Personally, I think they’re kind of fun and I get a kick out of seeing all the different ways the author describes genitalia. Melissa Craig certainly has one active imagination!

What I appreciate about this novel most is how Jenna is such a normal woman who finds herself in a crazy situation. Yes, her libido is probably a lot stronger than the average female, but she’s worked hard to build a life and career for herself. She feels the need to keep a professional front to the world and worries about sacrificing that if she goes too far. At the same time, she’s been missing was some hot romance and suddenly she’s finding it in spades. But this makes her worry about how having so many men in her life could make her appear to others (not to mention the guys themselves!). Then there’s the decision of figuring out who she really wants, which is something any woman would go through under similar circumstances.

This novel takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns as each potential guy makes his desire known. Did I mention the heat level is hot??? Well, it can’t be over-stated. There are some seriously erotic scenes that had me going “wow”! The best part was at the end, though I won’t give away what happens but damn it was good. Please let there be another novel coming soon in this series because I’m curious to see how things with Jenna go from here.



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    So happy AMPLE ATTRACTION is still being read by people. Love this review by Mistress of the Dark Path. An American Blogger that wants more of The Simply Breathtaking Series. Majestic Males is the next in the series. Yay!

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