A sentence at a time…

I have been pondering this for a while and thought it might be fun to do one of those stories where everyone participates.  As each person writes out a sentence continuing the tale, another one should come along and write the next.  No one should do two in a row.  The only other rule is that a story must last a minimum of 20 sentences.  Do try to keep to the spirit of the story, whatever direction it may go.  Also, if you have a picture that fits the scene, you are welcome to post it as well.  Need help with that?  Let me know ahead of time.

If you have an off-topic comment you need to share, please place it between two asterisks *like this* so people know it isn’t part of the story.

Current Beginning Sentence:

Two guys walked into a bar surveying the scene around them with careful scrutiny.

242 Responses to “A sentence at a time…”

  1. Bursting from the clouds above her came a seemingly endless wave of creatures with gnome-like faces, small, misshappened bodies, and short, sturdy wings.

  2. Which was exceedingly odd, because it wasn’t killer avocado season, despite the claims of the Global Fruiting crowd.

  3. No one had informed the Killer Avocado Army of this, however – and they proceeded to wreak havoc on all and sundry.

  4. Behind this first wave of Killer Avocados, however, lurked another line of flying creatures with which she was not prepared.

  5. A swarm of flatulence propelled creeplets, in kilts!

  6. Kilts, indeed! This wicked army of Creeplets was much larger in size, and number, than what was reflected in her rear view scope, and upon further observation, decided she needed to escape quickly through her underground tunnels, or die a gruesome, painful death.

  7. So she strapped on her trusty oxygen tank with mouth piece and dove into the watery depths of the flooded tunnels where the air-breathing bad guys could not get to her since their mouths could never fit a mask properly.

  8. Finally, far below the surface of the waters, she came to the underwater city which had been built by a wealthy troll years prior, after being forever banished by the land creatures above.

  9. Sadly, due to a mild eccentricity on the troll’s part, the surface world flushed into his city, making for some really spectacular fungus and really disgusting rainfall, which explained the sign at the entrance: “Where the Crap hits the Fans”

  10. But not to be detered, she was prepared for the troll’s evil flushing plan by having covered her body in thick oils, thereby repelling the distasteful fungus and waste, and quicky propelling herself through the opening and into fresh air, avoiding the fans, where she again joined her waiting army in the clouds, who were armed with warheads which immediately destroyed the troll, and his world, below.

  11. And caused the world’s sewage to back up, raising the sea level 23′.

  12. So the French, who are quite experienced in dealing with foul oders, began spraying their perfume everywhere to cover up the smell.

  13. At this point in time (thankfully) a passing comet somehow altered its own trajectory, plunging into the earth’s atmosphere and wiping out every living being — while several light-years away two beings of infinite power and wisdom congratulated each other on a job well done.


  14. ROFL, Mary!


    End of Story. A new one shall begin very soon!


  15. ************************* New Beginning Sentence********************************

    Two guys walked into a bar surveying the scene around them with careful scrutiny.

  16. A pair of feminine eyes followed their every movement; lips curving up into a seductive smile as Pamela sashayed toward the two finest specimens of manhood that she had ever seen.

  17. Of course, as a succubus she would do just about anyone, but it was a bonus when men looked like these two did.

  18. Her stride almost broke as some nonsensical and rather insulting words floated about her consciousness — as if from another dimension — but then she regained her poise (and her sweet innocent angel face—–> 🙂 ) as she came to a halt in front of the two (non-human) male-model prototypes.

    • Then she faced the fact that the voice was right and her succubus needs had to be met so at least she could enjoy doing it tonight and by the looks on their faces it wouldn’t take much convincing!

  19. Watching all the players in this bizarre little game, a figure flickered in-and-out of existence–a ghostly form wearing delicate platinum-colored chains which caught the light and twinkled at the few who were aware of her presence.

  20. As her hunger grew, the succubi’s pheromones filled the bar like a wet fart in an elevator, causing the bartender to wonder if her purse was filled with chum.

  21. All the bars patrons were effected by the toxic air, heavily laden with sexual tension, and even the ghostly apparition felt a stirring of lust.

  22. Which came and went almost as rapidly as an F-16.

  23. The succubi was unprepared for the reaction when she wound up under a pile of sex crazed flesh, as every patron in the bar jumped her, including 256 rats, 11,378,962 roaches and shih tzu.

    • Fortunately, the ghost decided to intervene and called in some friends who were immune to the pheromones, and she watched with a slightly bemused expression as the cleanup crew vacuumed up the rats and roaches…but left behind the humans (and the shih tzu).

  24. At least the bar tender was immune and a bit horrified over what happened so he offered free drinks to the ravaged patrons who were slowly coming out of their stupor.

  25. Meanwhile the two men stood in a corner, arm in arm, staring into one another’s eyes, utterly oblivious to everything that had happened. Chad knew that Todd was his soulmate and no demonic seductress could change that. 🙂

  26. Unfortunately, Todd wasn’t quite himself at that moment…but a replicant whose programming was beginning to malfunction.

  27. Chad was quite shocked when he watched a panel pop open in his partners head, exposing wiring and other electronic gizmos that had smoke coming from them.

  28. Luckily, a woman standing nearby reacted quickly – pulling him out of the way as the sparks seemed to take on a life of their own – forming a ghostly outline that then began throwing deadly arcs of electricity toward everyone in its path.

  29. It appeared like a light show, but they knew something big was about to happen…

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