Author Interviews

Author at a deskI’ve begun conducting author interviews in 2013.  This is a new feature to my blog that I think could be a lot of fun.  There are a standard set of questions I will ask every time, but I reserve the right to add one or two for those authors I’m familiar with or to be genre specific.

If you think you’re brave enough to answer my questions, feel free to send me an email.  Do keep in mind I host with organized blog tours and may be filling them up that way as well.  Be sure to give me plenty of notice so I can schedule you in ahead of time (at least six weeks in advance).  A list of future tours/interviews that I’m already committed to can be found here.  In addition to that, I do have a few requirements you must meet…

1) Requesting authors must write primarily in the following adult genres to be accepted:

a) Paranormal Romance

b) Urban Fantasy/Contemporary Fantasy

c) Sci-fi Romance

d) Erotica

e) Historical/Time-travel Romance

f) Futuristic/Apocalyptic (with at least some romantic elements)

*I may add to this list over time or change it at my discretion.

2) You should have a book already available or one that will be releasing in the next thirty days.  Either way, it must have a cover available by the time the interview is posted because I do put up a blurb with it (and purchase links if available).

3) You should have an author bio and photo to include in the post.

4) Be prepared to offer an eBook/paperback copy of your novel to a randomly drawn commenter on the post.

5) You must send me the answers to the interview questions (and all other pertinent info) no later than three days prior to the scheduled posting date.  If you do not, I reserve the right to cancel the interview.

When you send your initial request to me to conduct an interview, please provide a link to your author page on Amazon as well as your website/blog.  I will look at them both before accepting/declining.  For those authors who I have reviewed their work in the past, you do not need to send links.  I will most likely accept you regardless.

Contact info:

(Even if you have a different email address for me, please send to the one above for my own organizational purposes)

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