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More and more authors are creating book trailers to entice readers.  This page is for writers to post their videos so everyone who may be interested can see them.  In addition to the video, please include the book title, author name, and genre so people know if it is something they want to watch.  You can also post a purchase link  to the book, but just keep it simple here.  For any author that would like to know how to go about making their own trailer, please see this post.

Readers, feel free to comment on the videos if you like them!

*Update* Please put the regular Youtube video link.  Do not use the imbed feature or shortened URL.  Only the normal link works.  The video will pop up once you post.  Thanks!

135 Responses to “Book Trailers”

  1. True Mountainmama…true.

  2. Thanks, Susan. All the credit goes to Su Halfwerk, the lady who’s done all my book trailers to date.

  3. I had to change Outcome, a Novel’s book video because I changed it’s cover! Thanks Mistress for your super site.

  4. Thanks Susan A. …and at this point I would like to point out a couple of good marketing things about a REALLY good video book promo. 1. I used it when I was on a TV Morning Show…they showed it as a “clip” during the interview (that is a powerful marketing tool) 2. We also set up a laptop with a viewing screen and earbuds on the table at my book signing. Not only did it “attract” a LOT of people to the table but it gave people something to do while they stood in line. 3. It gives you an alternative marketing link when you post to facebook, tweet or anything like that…people get tired of just your book cover on on your postings and you can alternate back and forth.

  5. […] also find the Book Trailers page remains.  I think this has been a fun page that doesn’t take much time to maintain, but […]

  6. Thank you for allowing me to post. Here is the book trailer for The-Adonis

  7. Here’s a book trailer I made for my latest novel, Haunted. Available from Amazon 🙂 It’s a psychological thriller

  8. Hi! Here’s the trailer for “The Sibyl Reborn,” a metaphysical adventure that reincarnates Cassandra– cursed prophetess of Troy–as an environmentalist in the Colorado Rockies who must unearth and overcome the prehistoric roots of her supposed ‘curse’ to stand a prayer of saving her planet, her species, and her soul mate from two horrific dooms. Btw. The Sibyl Reborn is free for Kindle downloads on December 15th and 16th (today and tomorrow). If you try it, I’d love to know your thoughts and if you shared it with your friends. :<) James

  9. Thank you Susan and Shirley! If you’re interested, I’d be honored if you’d try a copy while it’s free (today and tomorrow) and let me know you thoughts whenever you can read it. Also, I have to tell you about the vocalist who kindly allowed me to use her music on this trailer–her name is Sophia. I mention two of her albums (which are now CDs) in my novel [because Cassandra, my protagonist, meditates to Sophia before and after her hypnotic regressions to ensure she doesn’t lose her identity (it’s part of the plot)]. But Sophia has a wonderful, ethereal, and powerful voice…and her music is uniquely enthralling. The two CDs are “The Return” and “Hidden Waters, Sacred Ground.” The first is very spiritual and dynamic; the second is earthy and grounding. I have links to her sites on my ‘plot’ page at Thank you, again! James

    • James, I will keep your book in mind. Right now I have about seventy books in the TBR that all sound good and stopped adding to the list until I can get the number to a more manageable level. Many of those are from other authors who have asked me to read their work. It’s tough to get through them fast. I will try to remember yours, though. It does sound promising 🙂

  10. Thanks to all readers/viewers to leave a comment and a like/dislike on my book trailer for the first volume of the “Daimones Trilogy”:

    The sequel “Once Humans” is scheduled to appear on the shelves (real and virtual) by the end of May.

    Award winning novel “Daimones” trailer:

  11. Hi, and thanks for this opportunity! I’m A. Katie Rose here to introduce my debut novel, “In a Wolf’s Eyes”. You can find my book at at:

    Book Two of the Saga of the Black Wolf series “Catch a Wolf”, will be released next month. Meanwhile, let me know how you like my trailer! Here’s the YouTube link:

    Please leave comments, I’d enjoy them!

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