Book Trailers

More and more authors are creating book trailers to entice readers.  This page is for writers to post their videos so everyone who may be interested can see them.  In addition to the video, please include the book title, author name, and genre so people know if it is something they want to watch.  You can also post a purchase link  to the book, but just keep it simple here.  For any author that would like to know how to go about making their own trailer, please see this post.

Readers, feel free to comment on the videos if you like them!

*Update* Please put the regular Youtube video link.  Do not use the imbed feature or shortened URL.  Only the normal link works.  The video will pop up once you post.  Thanks!

135 Responses to “Book Trailers”

  1. Thanks Susan!!

    This is the video trailer for M.O.D. by J. C. Allen, an 80K action technothriller.

    For more information, please go HERE.

  2. […] is now a page for posting book trailers.  If you have one, please feel free to add it here.  Everyone else can just check back periodically to see what new videos have been posted.  There […]

  3. Mistress, thank you!
    Shadow Path, P.L. Blair, fantasy/detective (book 1 in my Portals series)

  4. Thanks, Susan and mountainmama. And I certainly have to give credit to Su Halfwerk, the really neat lady who designed it.

  5. Here’s mine

  6. Impressive trailer – and the sound track is fantastic. I really want to read this one.

  7. Even the Mistress is sure mine should be a ‘books,’ not book trailer. Thanks to Rob Ellis and filmmakershelp for figuring out how to do it for the old pros with a lot of books, too.

  8. I’m very pleased. I hope you heard it through good speakers or headphones. See, I said a I wanted drums, thinking hand drums, which I know the guy plays. Well, I got drums. Wow! That music through good speakers…

    • That is the most amazing book trailer I’ve ever seen Sharon! I love the way they had the titles burning and exploding. Beautiful. If/when I ever start making some money, I’m hiring these guys!!

  9. I’m real familiar with substituting my time and labor to learn and assemble with what I can get, for the money I don’t have. I’m also sure Rob understands most authors aspire to having enough income to budget and the $75 price for three graphics and music is a compromise between what should be charged and our ‘resources.’

  10. Wicked Sinners; Book 2 in The Sinners Series by Charity Parkerson
    Paranormal Romance releasing November 2011

  11. The Society of Sinners: book 1 in The Sinners Series by Charity Parkerson
    Paranormal Romance

  12. A Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson
    Contemporary Romance

  13. A Fighting Chance by Charity Parkerson
    Contemporary Romance

  14. The Danger from Within by Charity Parkerson
    Contemporary Romance

  15. Great book trailers Charity. Thanks for posting.

  16. Thanks for allowing me to post Susan 🙂

  17. […] number of book trailers have been added to the Book Trailer page, but I hope to see more in the future.  They are a great way to bring extra attention to your […]

  18. The Last Strider
    by Imran Siddiq –
    Young Adult Fantasy
    Book 1 of 3

  19. Mistress, Thanks for letting us share our book trailers here. This book trailer is for my book, A Brother’s Love. Romance/suspense/thriller with a ghostly paranormal twist.

  20. Here’s my book trailer for my fantasy/paranormal novel, The Dream. Music is by World Versus Me!

  21. For all the books that are already listed on the genre pages, I have added your Book Trailers under the description. Those authors that have published books not yet listed on this site are welcome to post the appropriate info on the Advertisements page (page 2) and I will get you all set up!

  22. Thanks, Susan. I will probably be posting a trailer for my second Portals book, Stormcaller, in a few days.

  23. Hi Mistress, thank you for opening this post up for our Trailers.

    The link to my video is,

    Crystal Clear Trailer with dano.wmv

    on YouTube it is @

    I saw where you wanted our book name, Author name, & genre

    “Crystal Clear, A Supernatural Mystery by R. C. Drake, genre: Mystery/Supernatural/Ghost story

  24. […] videos for $75.  He uses fewer pics, but has excellent graphics.  Check out her video over on the Book Trailers page to see for yourself if you’re interested.   There are others that offer their services […]

  25. Edwin Stark, Title: Eco Station One… Humor & Satire

    ‘Nuff said 😛

  26. Thanks a bunch for allowing me to post my book promo video!
    Sleepy Willow’s Bonded Soul: The Narcoleptic Vampire Series by Dicey Grenor

    • Nice video and great special effects. I thought I recognized a few faces in there 🙂

      • Thanks! I’m sure you did. My disclaimer is that I don’t own the rights to the photos or music but hope this qualifies under the fair usage exception to copyright infringement. And if it doesn’t, hopefully the folks featured will be flattered I used their beautiful pix. 😉

        • I bought the rights to the pics and music on mine, but in neither case were they well known. No idea how it works with famous people, but people do it on youtube all the time!

  27. I hope I did this right. Germany invades Polaond. Hitler and Himmler start implementing the plans for Occupation. This plan awakens an enemy they could only imagine in their nightmares.

  28. Here’s a trailer for my political suspense thriller, The Usurper by Cliff Ball

  29. Here it the trailer to my M/M Horror/Romance novel, “Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child” by Anna Mayle.

  30. Thanks, I’m trying to get two more done, for the books that have come out since. Once I have them, I’ll definitely post them here. ^_^

  31. Thank you for the opportunity, Mistress_Suzie

    Susan Stec

    The Grateful Undead: They’re So Vein (volume 1)

  32. Thanks guys. We had fun making it.

  33. Yes. My daughter and I have a small production company called Closet Space Productions. Jeni does all of the editing, is also an author, has two autistic boys, and still finds time to write. God bless her, I want to be just like her when I grow up. ha! This is the first one we did:

    A bit rough. LOLOL But we had such fun filming for it.

  34. Yea! Glad you enjoyed them girls.

  35. Dang, I put this in wrong the last time! That’s what you get for not READING the instructions. (Bad girl!)

    “I Wish I Were Engulfed in Flames” is my humor memoir dropping in January (Skyhorse Publishing). A friend did this trailer. (Tirzah Goodwin)

    And here’s the trailer for “Waiting for Karl Rove,” a political satire co-written with Kat Nove.

    Jeni Decker

    Kat Nove

  36. Thanks Mistress!!!

    Here is the video book trailer which Shirley Hicks developed for my brother’s suspense thriller BLANK SLATE. My brother’s name is R.W.Graves.

  37. Tim Greaton’s Under-Heaven

    Maine’ Other Author TM

    Book Trailer created by Rob Ellis contact who did an excellent job!

    Posted by Tammy because Tim is just too busy 🙂

    • or I’m too impatient …hee hee

    • Hey Tammy, glad you got this posted. I was hoping to get the official link soon. It also worked out because I realized that the new title for the book, and the Amazon link to it, needed to be updated on my blog! I now have it all updated in both the paranormal/supernatural genre page and the YA page. The listings also include the video. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  38. Very happy to share the book trailer for “The Nameless World” (middle-grade fiction novel). I look forward to your feedback! 🙂

    While trying to escape the persistent class bully, Noah
    discovers several mysterious, metallic puzzle pieces
    lying on the ground. Beside them are the glasses of his
    missing science teacher and mentor, Mr. Porter. As Noah
    fits the pieces together he disappears through a portal into
    a mystifying world filled with creatures and adventures
    beyond all imagination.

    His first instinct is to find a way back home, but Noah
    suspects there may be a link between this strange world
    and Mr. Porter’s disappearance. Throughout his search
    for Mr. Porter and his journey to find a way back home,
    Noah learns the nameless world is in trouble and finds
    himself a pivotal player in the struggle to save it.

  39. Finally got round to doing a book trailer!

    This is the trailer for The Kolian Chronicles, by Alex Le Soum.
    Genre: science fiction soap opera
    The trailer is for the whole series. The first book in the series is Space Turbulence, which is a sci-fi murder mystery.

  40. How cute, Janet! What program did you use to make that???

    • I just used powerpoint and a free converter (EM powerpoint video converter) that I downloaded. I was trying to make it look cartoonish, because there is a lot of humour in my books. I got the music from the website Susan recommended for I think $7. I wanted something rocky, and that tune was called Hammer, which is the name of my protagonist – no brainer really!

  41. I have another book promo video to post. Thanks again!
    This is for those who like naughty taboo tales.

  42. Very nice, Dicey!! Good job.

  43. To all authors who have posted their trailers but do not have their books listed on this blog. If you would go over to the Book advertisements Page Two of this site and follow the instructions there, I could get you added to the genre pages and put you on the Author listings page. Thanks!

  44. The Chosen: Book One — a YA fantasy

    This book trailer wouldn’t have been possible without my brother. We collaborated together on it; it was our first trailer we’ve ever made and it was quite the experience!

  45. Hi Sheenah,
    You and your brother did a great job working together on your new book trailer. Your choice of soft piano music fits perfectly. Nice job!

  46. Hers is the book trailer to One Blood by Qwantu Amaru!

  47. Thank you for hosting this page. This is my video for upcoming book “The Four Letters of Love” a collection of poetry, mini stories, quotes on Love.

  48. Thanks Mistress!
    Hope everyone enjoys this “You’ll Love Chester the Chesapeake” video.
    Author: Barbara Ebel
    All of Chester’s children’s books and info are at his website:

  49. I keep forgetting to post the new ones. This is the trailer for Stormcaller – Book 2 in my series.

  50. Thank you for posting my trailer!
    This I Know – Sarah’s Confession
    Author: Reba Ponder Weiss
    Find all information at

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