Looking to put the spotlight on your work and see how it will hold up to outside readers?  This might be a good place to start.

I’ve begun to get requests from writers who would like to get critiques of their work.  This is something I enjoy doing, but of course it is time-consuming (especially since I’m undergoing revisions of my own book at this time).  Despite this, I want to help in whatever way I can.

I’ve set a schedule on the blog that allows for critiques to be posted once a week (Sundays).  Expect it may take a bit to get your work (the wait list is low at the moment but that could change as the word gets out).  I also ask that if you plan to submit an excerpt you also participate in at least two other people’s critiques (I’ll post links to previous ones at the bottom of this page or you can wait for future ones if you prefer).  This helps promote an exchange of ideas and allows you to learn from other writer’s mistakes.  It will be worth your time and be good practice for any beta reading you are doing now or will do in the future.

Once you have had an excerpt posted, I do ask that you wait at least three weeks before requesting another one.  Priority will be for newcomers, but I will be happy to add you into the schedule (especially if you actively help out on other people’s critiques).

Those who would like to offer up a sample of their work for one of my posts may do so by contacting me.  The information on how to do that can be found here.

If you decide to contact me, please provide the following details:

1) Your name (I need to attribute it to someone)

2) Information on the excerpt- Is it an intro?  Is it a scene that occurs later in the book?  (If it isn’t an intro, please include a bit of background leading up to it).

3) Genre (this helps in knowing how to critique the work)

4) Word count of 1000 or less (I will allow a small amount over the limit so you can get to a good stopping point, but please don’t push this far).

5) Any particular points you want addressed.  If you’re just looking for an overall critique that is fine.

Previous Critiques:

Excerpt 001

Excerpt 002

Excerpt 003

Excerpt 004

Excerpt 005

Excerpt 006 (open)

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