Writer’s Resources

This is the page where people can post various resources they have found helpful to researching for their books.  Any area that might be pertinent is welcome here.  These are some examples:

  • Websites with helpful historical information
  •  Appropriate clothing for different time periods/places
  •  Hair types, colors, and styles
  •  Languages (if you can speak a second language and are willing to help with simple stuff, let us know)
  •   Military background sources
  •  Tourist Information to specific areas
  •  Climate for certain regions
  •  Good name websites (especially ones that will tell you what common names were around historically)
  •  Professions (if you have a profession that someone may want to use for a character and are willing to disclose it to help writers, please let us know)

Plus anything else you can possibly think of that may be used by authors!

*As for myself, if anyone needs Arabic phrases/words for their story, let me know.  I am mildly proficient at it and my husband is a native speaker.  I can also help with questions about life in the US Army since I spent eleven years serving.

3 Responses to “Writer’s Resources”

  1. Excellent source for those who wish to use an Alaska setting in their book. It is also quite humorous, though it is a true memoir:


  2. Might be good to have a topic on formatting for Kindle. What worked for me with Johnny Oops was the following, I replaced tabs with indents by unformatting the document.

    To unformat a document use select and copy and use paste special and then check unformat and the paragraph indent .3 with first line

    • Oh, that is a helpful bit of information Arthur. Thanks for posting. A lot of authors seem to have difficulties with Kindle formatting.

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