Book Cover Advertisements

As you may have noticed, I allow book cover advertisements (linked to Amazon) on my main blog page.  I do not charge any fee for this service.  It is simply a way of helping authors get the word out on their books.  With the exception of posts for book reviews and new releases I put up periodically, the cover ads are now the only form of advertisement I allow on the front page.  The former advertisement page and genre pages became a bit too much for me to keep up with and have now been taken down.  If you are interested in getting your cover up on the blog for a period of at least one week, you must fall into one of two categories:

1)  For those novels I have not read:

a) You must have at least two reviews with a rating of at least four stars that were written by a top 10,000 Amazon reviewer.  With all the doubt cast on reviews these days, this is the only thing I can think of to ensure some quality control since it will be my blog recommending the book.  If you are unsure how to find ranking, click on the reviewers name so that it takes you to their profile page.  For instance, mine is here.  Underneath the picture (or the blank spot where it is supposed to be) there should be a ranking.  If it isn’t there, then the reviewer doesn’t rank high enough.


b) Be a first place winner in one of my monthly writing contests.  If you’ve participated in one of my monthly writing contests and won before, you are eligible.  This applies to future winners as well.  This is a new bonus prize.

2) For those authors whose books I have read:

-If it is a book that I have reviewed and given at least four stars, it is automatically eligible for advertisement.

-If you are an author that has a 4 or 5 star review from me, but not for that particular book, I will consider it on a case by case basis.  If it’s from the same series or genre, it is most likely acceptable.

-If it is a book I read, and enjoyed, but didn’t post a review for, it is also eligible (I don’t review everything I read or else it would get tedious).  Most authors know if I’ve read some of their other books but not posted reviews because I usually let them know.


I realize many writers will not fall into either of these categories, especially if they are newly published.  Due to time constraints, I can’t read every kind of novel that comes across my path.  Most serious readers like me have huge TBR piles.  If you want to know if I might be interested in reading and reviewing your work, visit the request page here.  It outlines what types of books I will consider.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.  You may also contact me via email.  See this page for the address.

7 Responses to “Book Cover Advertisements”

  1. Long time no reply! Hope you’re well!
    I have a new publisher, and would love to have my new cover for Tears of Min Brock posted on your blog. Looks like it fits your parameters.

    • Hey J.E., nice to hear from you! Looks like your book does indeed qualify. I’ve got a few people who responded before you, but I can get your cover up on December 8th. It will stay up until the night of Dec 14th. Hope this works for you.

  2. Absolutely! Do I need to send you a .jpg? Also, do you promote .99 e-books?

    • A .jpg would be very helpful. Otherwise I have to track down the cover on Google, which is always fun. I don’t promote .99 books mostly because there are just too many of them. My biggest hope is the cover advertisements give authors that bump they need to get their book seen, in addition to those I do reviews for. In this way, I’m not blasting my followers with too many book recommendations at once. I think it makes their eyes glaze over, lol.

  3. I’ll send the .jpg via your email address. Thanks!

  4. Hi, Mistress. My novel is at: I can send you a jpg, if you like. Send me an email in that case.

    • Hey, Massimo. I can fit you in next Thursday to put the cover up and leave it there for a week (linked to Amazon). I’ve gotten pretty good at tracking down book covers and loading them on my own so you shouldn’t need to send the .jpg to me. Hope this works for you!

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