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If readers or authors have suggestions, please list them here.  I am open to anything that may be helpful so don’t feel afraid to ask.  Should it be something I think will be useful, I will be happy to make the changes.

This is also the place to address any off-topic issues you have.

44 Responses to “Site Suggestions”

  1. Hi Mistress,
    Love the changes and thanks for some of the new sections! Checking out the giveaways now 🙂

    • Lol, I just put it up a couple hours ago and with it being very early morning, no one has responded yet. Do keep checking back. I’m sure some will be coming along soon!

  2. hopefully some are up there soon

  3. OK Tammy, I just put one up! Susan, I couldn’t figure out how to make my website clickable. I know you’ve got those instructions right under this reply box, but you might as well have them in Chinese – they mean nothing to me!!!!!! You young whippersnappers need to start explaining in “dummies” language.

  4. I would like to be included in your blogroll so here’s the address.

    Many thanks.

  5. Susan, just to let you know I have put a link on my site to yours.

  6. Susan, it may be a bit late now, but is there a way of adding Amazon UK to my book ads? All my books are available there too and I should have thought of it when I was posting originally. If it’s not possible just let me know.

    • Kenneth, it is not too late to take care of how you want your book ads. Luckily running the blog gives me quite a bit of leeway so long as you don’t ask me to do something that requires a lot of html knowledge! I will see what I can come up with, are you wanting this on the advertisements page, genre page, or both? Just let me know and I will go in and add them today.

  7. Susan, Please can you add the Amazon UK link to both the ad page and the genre page? Thanks so much for your help on this.

    • They are all up on both pages now. Please do check them to make sure they are to your liking. I will be out for a bit today for a cemetery visit, but if you need anything else just leave me a comment here and I will get back to you 🙂

      • Susan, thank you so much for putting the UK links. Your website is looking really good and developing well. I am sure you are going to get quite a few Indies posting here. At least one of my UK friends has posted. More may do so. Thanks again.

  8. I would love it if you could list my author sites in your blogroll and
    I appreciate the opportunity so much.


    Cornelia Amri
    pen name – Maeve Alpin

  9. Hello everyone! I have a great site for everyone to check out it is there is all kinds of neat things to check out there! I also run a radio book club called Kerra’s Weekly Book Club and it is for people of all ages! Any one can join the fun and listen to the shows! Dawn Tevy also has shows every week and they are wonderful. To check out the shows go to click on the link that says listen to angels and warriors blogtalk radio, then click on any show title that you would like to listen to saved or live. Also all of our shows on the site are always at 6pm PST time and 9pm EST time.

    There are also book give-aways and prizes on there. To enter in to win all you have to do is become a free fan (basically a member) I have won 4 books my self and I have loved every one of them.

    Hope you check it out and enjoy!

  10. Love the changes to the site by the way!! 🙂

  11. Susan, I just noticed the star rating system at the top of each page. Is that new? I’ve been going thru and clicking every one of them with 5 stars!!

    • Yes, it is new. I was exploring the many options that wordpress has available for blogs. It looked like it would be useful in seeing what people thought. Thanks for clicking. I know how much some of you enjoy that. If you look really closely, you can click “like” at the bottom of blog posts too (not the pages such as this one though).

    • Hey MM,

      I just clicked every page here with five stars, too. The site looks terrific, Susan.

  12. Just wanted to say I love how the site has grown – Great Job Mistress!

  13. Hi,
    I hate to sound like I am picking but the page with the books divided by Genre should have either a clickable menu at the top or different pages. I have done a little web design and the scrolling down can be turn people off. I really love the site and am glad that I found it. Most of the books I have on my Kindle now have come from checking out posts. With so many books and I have a variety of tastes scrolling through Amazon can be a pain in the “neck”.
    Everyone have a great day!

    • Leslie, you are not being nit picky. That is what this page is for, suggestions! I agree it will be better with them broke down into genres now that I have enough books to do so. Before it was more practical to keep them on one page with there being less postings. Using WordPress makes it a little more of a pain to break everything down as this blog is a straight template. My father does web design himself and at least made the font bigger on here and widened the page as it was too narrow before, but he hates messing with it any more than that. I have an idea that doesn’t require a bunch of HTML work that I might try to do later tonight if I have time. Thanks for looking through everything. Glad you found some good books to read! Feel free to tell me if there is anything else you would like to see and I will try to accommodate.

  14. I found a few sites that list blogs that review Indie books. I thought they might be of interest to the authors listed here.

    And this last one The Indie Spotlight

    I thought these might be good links to add to the sidebar. They should help get the word out about Indie books. 🙂

    • Thank you Book Mouse, for posting this. I’m working on getting those sites up here where people can find them easy. Already I have noticed people clicking on the links. Very helpful!

  15. Is there a way to follow the whole blog by twitter yet?

    • Tammy, I just broke my standing Twitter rule (as in never create an account) just for you. You can find me at Mistress_Suzie as of a few minutes ago! The blog has been tied to the account so all future posts will show up. I used my Twiiter ID to post this just to make it easier.

      • Thank you ! working on how to get it now I usuallu just pust a follow button 🙂

        • Doh…and I did Again thank you! now I can follow on my cell when traveling 🙂 Which is quite a bit this month.

          • You are welcome! It will just be for stuff related to this site so not too many tweats going on. I did request to follow you and your brother. Can’t find anyone else on there.

  16. Hi, as a student I find literature a very ambiguous subject. I think its more about perspectives – you cannot come up with a definite answer for each question like in the Sciences. We interpret differently, we think differently and thus we have different solutions. What do you think?
    Also, I love going through your Blog, Its a great place to meet new authors and go through their opinions. Some months ago, I was working on this project on Creativity, I found this video by Elizabeth Gilbert, an author of a Memoir called “Eat, pray, love”. She said that when she decided to be an author, she was met with this reaction – that why be an author, what if you are not successful, what if your hard work does not pay off etc. etc. I was thinking, why don’t you do a blog-post asking these people what they think, their fears and what kind of reaction did they experience when they told their family and friends that they were thinking of becoming authors. What were their experiences, in short?

    Here is the link of the video :

    • You are right that each person perceives literature differently. It is fascinating to see how many various conclusions can be drawn from the same story! As for the question of being an author, that is a good one. I may just use that in the next few days. Thanks for bringing it up. I love to get new topic ideas on what people who follow my blog might like to see!

      • Thankyou Ma’am,
        It was really wonderful going through all the authors experiences. As for he story, I’m still working on it. Haven’t got any good leads 😦

  17. Two good sites are Free Book Reviews and Great Indie Reads

  18. You should host a Popcorn Poetry contest~!

    • I would, Rocket, but I’m no judge of poetry. It is so subjective and personal, plus I’ve gotten where I hardly want to read it anymore. I just can’t appreciate it like I once did and that wouldn’t be fair to the contestants. Thanks for the suggestion, though 🙂

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