“Teagan vs. Pillow Mountain”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 24

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“Teagan vs. Pillow Mountain”

As noon rolled around, the summer afternoon became a balmy, sleep inducing temperature.  Teagan yawned at the glass window.  Even the birds hopping from branch to branch couldn’t keep her interest as her eyes drooped lower and lower.  It was naptime.

Teagan stood and stretched her toes.  The windowsill wasn’t the most comfortable place to settle in for a deep sleep.  No, for that she needed her bed.  Teagan hopped down from the window and hit the nightstand with a thud.  She stared at the mess of Mom’s bed.  Mom had forgotten to straighten the sheets that morning.  So what if she hadn’t done it because Teagan had slept in long after Mom had gotten up.  That wasn’t Teagan’s problem.

Except now it was, because all the pillows that typically decorated Mom’s bed during the daytime hours were currently stacked a mountain high on the butterfly chair, also known as Teagan’s personal bed.  Teagan frowned.  It was midday.  Everyone knew she took her midday nap in that chair.  Not in the window, not on Mom’s bed, but in that chair.

Teagan turned baleful eyes towards Mom, who was once again engrossed with that little white flap of a box.  Teagan jumped to the chair next to Mom’s.  Helloo?  Did you see what time it is?  Mom wasn’t paying attention.  Teagan looked back at the mountain of pillows.  She doubted she could climb them and settle at the very top.  The top layer may have been the large rectangular pillows, but the foundation was those bulky decorative pillows.  Teagan could imagine toppling the whole stack should she try to climb it.  Hey, now there’s an idea…

Teagan shook her head.  No.  She wanted to rest, not start an avalanche.  She turned back to Mom with sad, pitiful eyes.  Mom glanced at Teagan and stopped typing.  She looked at the clock and comprehension dawned on her face.

“Oops.”  Mom got up and quickly set to making her own bed.  As soon as the pillows were cleared away, Teagan jumped down and headed for her chair.  The fleece blanket underneath her paws was so soft and plush.  Teagan’s motor box started vibrating out of habit.  She kneaded the blanket for a few minutes, softening the bedding up for herself before she curled into a ball and closed her eyes.

Do your pets have routines?  Have you ever forgotten to do something and disrupted those schedules?  What did your pet do about it?

~ by Angela Wallace on August 22, 2011.

8 Responses to ““Teagan vs. Pillow Mountain””

  1. I always like your Teagan stories, Angela. My cats always give me these baleful stares when I’ve gone somewhere then come home sooner than they expect. And they hate having their naptime interrupted!

  2. Teagan must have been tired…not taking advantage of stacked pillows. Our cat sleeps a lot of the day but as for a routine…not so much. We got home from church and he was curled up in the round basket where Big Mama and Big Daddy’s clothes were setting waiting to be put away. He was so cute.

  3. Teagan looks so cute in her bed. Poor thing, having her sleeping place blocked. My Kitty doesn’t have a set routine for naps. She just sleeps wherever she feels like it. One thing she doesn’t tolerate is being fed late. If I dare sleep in too long, I’m punished. Woke up the other morning to being bitten in the arm. I shoved her off the bed and went back to sleep. She got fed thirty minutes later when I was good and ready to get up, lol. I’m not a morning person.

  4. I read somewhere that cats will bite to show affection. Of course, what’s little “love nips” to a cat can be pretty hard on us unfurred humans.
    As for the fur on clothes, I have a theory that cats shed selectively. A light cat will only shed on dark clothes, and vice versa. My calico seemed to have a knack for dropping the dark hair onto light clothes and the light hair onto darks. LOL

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