“Teagan and the Flip-Flops”

The Adventures of Teagan, Ep. 29

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“Teagan and the Flip-Flops”

Teagan leaped from the bed as soon as she heard the grating of the gate.  She always had an extra sense of when Mom or the roommate stood on the other side, and when that ESP told her it was someone else, Teagan went on full alert.

Mom opened the front door and let a young woman in.  They hugged and laughed and squealed like puppies.  Teagan rolled her eyes.  She crept into the living room with caution.  Mom and this new person, whom Teagan vaguely recognized from a previous visit, had moved to sit on the couches.  Teagan scampered past and slid to a halt by the coat rack where a pair of foreign shoes sat next to Mom’s like they belonged there.  Teagan knew they didn’t.

She crouched down and began to sniff the intruders.  Her nostrils flared and her whiskers twitched.  What were all those strange smells?  Teagan dove her head into the body of the sandal, her nose working with urgency.  Ohh.  Ohh!  How rapturous.  Such strange and wondrous scents greeted her.  Grass.  Hardwood floor.  Hint of dog?  She pushed her head as far in as it could go, straining against the straps.  These flip-flops were in her domain now.  She had to claim them.

Teagan rubbed her cheeks and chin over the shoe.  She even went so far as to drop her entire body on top of the sandal and squirm, covering every last inch in her own scent.  Yes, now the shoes were hers.  Teagan looked up at the giggles coming from the couch.  Mom and this person were talking and looking at her.

Teagan took a running leap and jumped into Mom’s lap where she circled and promptly sat down.  My mom.  She harrumphed at the guest and laid her head on Mom’s knee.  Teagan’s mom.  Teagan’s flip-flops.  Yes, life was good.


Teagan’s not the only one with a shoe fetish.  Check out this feline.


Some people think only dogs have a shoe fetish.  Have you had any other animals with a thing for shoes?  What about funny dog and shoe stories?

~ by Angela Wallace on September 19, 2011.

8 Responses to ““Teagan and the Flip-Flops””

  1. I love your story – as always, Angela, but this one is extra special! Teagan is such a sweetheart!
    And yes, I also have (or maybe I should say, share my life with) a shoe-fetish cat. Mozart, the tortoiseshell, loves my “garden shoes.” They’re the rubber Walmart answer (I think) to Crocs – one of my sisters calls them my “clown shoes.”
    Every time I take the shoes off, Mozart claims them, burrowing his head inside, rubbing his chin on them …
    And he really resents when I reclaim them.
    Well, at least I’m keeping him happy …

  2. It is funny you bring this up. My kitty recently took to chewing ONE of my house shoes. The other she leaves alone. They don’t look much like each other anymore.

    Teagan sounds possessive of you but it really is cute to hear about. Of course the shoes had to be claimed too. The video was great as well. That is exactly what cats like to do to our shoes!

    • Lol, just one shoe? That is so funny, and before I found that video, I wouldn’t have thought a cat would chew on one.

      Teagan is strangely possessive, but it’s rather endearing. 😀

  3. I love Teagan and her stories. I can just picture her claiming the shoes and you. Our cat makes sure we don’t come home with any strange kitty smells on us when we’ve been gone for awhile. Lately, he makes sure to cover us with his scent before we go out (I’m not sure how he knows when we are leaving but he does). Yes, both me and his ‘Mom’ get the scent treatment, as if to say these are my people…leave them alone. {But don’t tell Teagan, she might get a little jealous sharing me. :)}

    • Haha, that’s a good strategy! Covering you with his scent before you go out. He’s being proactive. 😀 And your secret’s safe with me. 😉 Teagan is currently on my legs while I have my laptop in my lap on the bed. I was feeling particularly generous today. I just hope I don’t fall asleep!

      • Yes, he is a pretty smart kitty. Good, I wouldn’t want her kitty feelings hurt. I hope you stay awake long enough to put the computer down. I’ve been known to fall asleep with a book on my chest/belly.

  4. Mozart shares me with another cat (the Elder Statesman), two basset hounds and a longhaired dachshund. The Elder Statesman is 19 or 20 now, so Mozie tolerates him – I think he knows it won’t be too many more years before HE’s the senior cat in the house.
    He sort of ignores the dogs. I think because … well … they’re dogs. Sort of beneath his notice.

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