Urban fantasy review for “Elven Blood” by Debra Dunbar

elven-blood book coverBack in November I reviewed the first two books together of the Imp Series by Debra Dunbar (click here to see it).  I was so excited when her latest novel came out and the story continued.  This is an author that has an amazing sense of humor and a unique style I really enjoy.  For those who are just hearing about this one, there will be minor spoilers from previous books so continue on at your own risk.

Book Summary from Amazon:

Sam may be the Iblis, but she is also an imp with a price on her head. The powerful demon, Haagenti, won’t rest until she’s dragged back to Hel for “punishment”. Sam knows she can’t face Haagenti and win, so when an Elf Lord offers to eliminate the demon in return for her help, Sam jumps at the chance. It’s a simple job – find and retrieve a half-breed monster dead or alive. But finding this demon/elf hybrid isn’t proving easy and time is running out.

My review:

This is the third book in the series and possibly my favorite so far.  Not many authors could pull off making a fun and enjoyable character you can actually relate to when they are a demon, but Debra Dunbar does it extremely well with her series. Oh, sure, Sam does some rotten things as we’ve seen from previous books like make a whole bar full of people crave hot wings for a week or toss gum on the ground with the hope someone will step on it.  Let’s not even get into the time she made a human play Angry Birds for his soul.  The list goes on, but she is an imp and it’s in her nature to wreak havoc.

Having said that, she’s been living with humans for decades and that has slowly changed her.  She’s a bit more sympathetic than she once was and she’s made a lot of non-demon friends over the years.  It doesn’t stop her from being naughty, especially to aggravate a certain sexy angel she is bound to, but she isn’t as quick to do truly horrible things like she once was.

The action and fight scenes for this one are awesome too.  One thing about having an imp as a main character is she fights dirty.  Morals and ethics have no bearing, yet you find yourself rooting for her because most of the guys she’s fighting deserve what they get.  Not to mention Sam has an awesome sense of humor.  I think I must be either smiling or laughing through half the book even when something bloody or gruesome is going on.  She has an amazing way of making such things as amusing to the reader as they are to her.

At the same time, I could really feel her inner conflict this time as she tried to get her latest job done and keep from getting killed by a more powerful demon.  Everyone, including those who care about her, were making demands that were nearly impossible to fulfill.  There were a few emotional moments that endeared her to me further than even before because she has that human element where she feels loneliness and pain in ways most of her kind don’t.  This was not an easy book to put down and I was definitely kept in suspense the whole time.

For those who like urban fantasy, this is a must read—especially if you have a naughty side and a good sense of humor.  The world-building for the Imp Series is original and well thought out.  All the characters come to life on the page and there is never a dull moment.  I’m super excited to see how things go with the next book and hope the wait isn’t long.

Five whips for Elven Blood!


~ by Suzie on April 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Urban fantasy review for “Elven Blood” by Debra Dunbar”

  1. Thank you for the review, Mistress Suzie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. Better get my nose to the grindstone – I aim to release the next one early fall.

    • You are welcome. Definitely get yourself going with the next book. I really don’t want to drive all the way to the east coast just to provide you with a little motivation…

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